Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen

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Previously, Dr. Michaels has stolen Cole’s baby and is hiding at a motel waiting for Jack to contact him with a plan.

Episode 2

As the baby continued to cry, Dr. Michaels looked out of the peephole to see who had knocked on the door and he saw nothing. He carefully balanced the baby in one arm and slightly opened the door to peer out. Faster than he could react, a foot was wedged in the door and a girl began screaming, “Give me back my baby! Give me my baby!”h It was Maya, the baby’s mother. She had crouched below view, ready to attack as soon as the door was opened.

Maya had seen the car pull away from the house where she had been outside. As she realized her baby son was gone, she knew she couldn’t call the police so she began an immediate hunt to find him. There weren’t many shiny new red BMWs like that in this small town and as she searched up and down each street, she easily came across the motel, saw the car parked in the lot and listened outside each door until she heard the baby crying.

Dr. Michaels pulled her into the room kicking and screaming, put the baby in her arms, and his hand over her mouth. “Shhhhhush! I’m not here to cause any harm. I’m a doctor, Cole’s psychiatrist,” he explained quickly, telling her all the details of why he was there. Maya looked as if she would surely kill him if she weren’t holding her son. He went on to tell her that he knew Cole was the baby’s father and that his life was in danger.

Maya already knew all of this. After all it was her own father who she ran away from and wanted Cole dead. She had decided that she would stay hidden with their baby at the Vineyard. She had disgraced her family and she knew her father would never forgive her. Maya had not been in touch with anyone. She lived and worked at the vineyard along with several other worker on a sprawling estate owned by a couple who only knew her as a poor, young unwed mother who needed work.

Maya slowly calmed as Dr. Michaels detailed how he came for the baby in the hopes of saving Cole’s life though he didn’t really have a plan for what to do next. They talked for a long time while she fed and rocked baby to sleep. Then Dr. Michael’s finally got a call from Jack. After explaining where he was and what had happened, Jack had a plan. He knew he had to try to use the baby and Maya to leverage a position with her father to make a deal for him to call off the hit on Cole.Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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