Loan Some by Megan McLachlan

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We left off with Vera saving loanee Marta Petrou from a kidnapping. Find out what adventure she gets into next.

Episode 1

“Vera? Vera?”

Greg Goodman stared at his girlfriend as she sneaked a glance at her phone beneath the restaurant table. This was the first time they had seen each other in over a week, and Vera Gunnett was distracted. Her job as a Loan Some loaner was booming, with assignments to be friends to the lonely, socially awkward, and conniving coming in constantly—and thus the main reason why it had taken them so long to be together in the same room at the same time. Just days before, when they had scheduled a date, a last-minute assignment for a bachelorette party called her away, keeping her out into the wee hours of the morning.

“I remember a time when you didn’t like cell phones.” Greg took the napkin from his lap and threw it on the table.

Vera read the text on her phone:

Next assignment: Be date at high school reunion.

Vera hated high school reunions. She didn’t even go to her own.

“I don’t like cell phones,” said Vera, shaking her head at the device before throwing it back in her purse. “I still hate them. It’s just that work is sending me all of these assignments.”

“Ahhh work.” Greg raised his eyebrows.

“What does ‘ahhh work’ mean?” Vera mimicked his tone and facial expression.

“‘Ahh work’ means that we’ve been dating for a few months now, and you never talk about what you do, other than calling it, ‘work.'”

“I’m a loan officer.”

“I’ve never heard of loan officers being called out to work at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night.” He was referring to the bachelorette party.

“I don’t talk about it because it’s not that important to me.”

“It’s not? Your dedication says otherwise.”

Vera knew he was right. Recently, with the influx of assignments, she had become rather engrossed in her work. It was all she had, after all; although, Vera had always tended to throw herself into her profession. Even back at the library, she would invest herself in new releases so she could be informative about them with library patrons (“Did I read this one? Of course I did!”).

“You’re right,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

“Have you ever thought about getting a new job?”

“All the time.” It just popped out of her mouth, but it was true. A grown woman cannot call a profession as a fake friend respectable. And more often than not, she wasn’t even hired to be a friend. She was there for the photo opportunity or to keep up appearances on Facebook in event photos.

“Well, I may have something for you.”

“You know how I feel about that.” Greg owned and operated a little e-book company, something Vera detested, since e-books theoretically put her library out of business.

“Yeah, but it’s a change of pace. You’d get normal hours. It’s good pay. And I know you’re capable and smart enough for it.”

“Tell me more about it.”

“You’d get to read all day.”

“I like the sound of that.”

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