Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, game creator and final boss, Adam Warner aka Cronus appeared. He deleted Pallas and now stands before Darrel declaring that he is the final fight. Readers voted that before the fighting began, Cronus would explain why he brought the game into the real world.

Episode 19

“Why are you doing this?” Darrel demands to know.

“For the sake of the game,” Adam answers.

“You murdered my family,” Darrel seethes, clenching his teeth, “sent my friends to some abyss, ruined my life . . . all for your stupid game?”

The game creator chuckles, “Stupid? Darrel Flint, take a look around you.   Look what I have created in the real world. Look at yourself, how strong you have become.”

Despite his anger, Darrel knows it to be true. His physical strength has gone far beyond the normal realm, delving into the realm of superhuman.

“I have brought this world to the next step,” Adam Werner continues, “Each person can become their ideal self just by imagining it. Pain and illness are no longer a threat.”

“And death?” Darrel glares at the man who calls himself Cronus.

“Ah, yes,” he chuckles at the boy who calls himself Atlas. “The realm of life and death shall still belong to the gods. It will be up to them to determine such finalities.”

Darrel realizes, “Cronus, you intend to rule this world as a God!”

“Certainly not,” he admits, “No man can declare himself a god. Deities must be forged like tempered steel.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” Darrel shouts.

“It does not matter,” Cronus says, “It will all become clear soon enough. For now, draw your sword and fight me, Atlas Grey.”

Darrel grits his teeth, until calm overcomes him. Taking the monstrous blade in his hand, he slams the weapon into the ground.

“No,” he says defiantly.

“What?” Cronus looks surprised, “You are quitting before completing the game.”

“I’m not playing this game,” Darrel answers.

“Then all that loss you suffered will be for naught,” Cronus says.

“It doesn’t matter,” he says, “I have lost everyone that I cared about. Killing you won’t bring them back.

“Ah, but what if it does?” Cronus inquires.

Darrel looks at him in disbelief, “That’s impossible, you said…”

“I am aware of what I said,” Cronus interrupts, “Yet I am the creator. I am in control of all the code that is in the game. Code and flesh have merged, giving me control.”

“Then show me,” Darrel shouts, “Bring back my friends.”

Cronus smiles, “As you command.”

The same screen that he used to delete Pallas appears. Cronus’ fingers dance across the keyboard that has appeared before him, working line after line to correct the system as it is. Hitting enter, he motions for Darrel to look behind him. Obeying, Darrel finds his friends standing there, completely unharmed. Just the sight of them being okay brings tears of joy to his eyes. Eric Winters, Allyssa Cain, and Alex Jones are all there, perfectly fine with confused looks on their faces. Seeing them, Darrel drops his blade and lunges at them, wrapping his arms around all of them at once.

“What’s gotten into you?” Eric looks at his friend.

“I thought I had lost you,” Darrel sobs, choking back tears.

Alyssa looks over Darrel’s shoulder to see Adam Werner, “Wait, isn’t that…”

“Yeah,” the time for joy is over and Darrel let go of his friends to face Cronus, “The game’s creator, and the final boss.”

Werner folds his arms, smirking, “Atlas Grey, Sophie Sweets, Boyd Berserker, and Zale. Four powerful warriors have banded together to fight the final boss of Quest of Kings, Cronus. Should you prevail, then the fate of this world will be in your hands. Be defeated and Cronus shall rule…”  Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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