The Curse of the Seven Pyramids by L. Hayden

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In the previous episode, the members of the expedition split up to look for the murderer. Readers voted that Kristi and Edmund do not show up back at the camp. A few hours later, Geoffrey strode back into the campsite. The police sergeant was overseeing the securing of the victim’s body onto a horse.

Episode 12

“Find anything?” the sergeant asked.
“Not a damned thing. You’re taking the body? That’s going to upset the family.”
“Can’t be helped. We’ll have to do an autopsy. Got to follow procedure, you know. But I’ll see to it personally that we have him back to his family as soon as we can.”
“I’d appreciate that.”
The sergeant took out a notebook and flipped it open. “Now, I just need to get a few details from you.”
“Of course.”
“Were you there when he was shot?”
Geoffrey shook his head. “I was in another tomb, above the excavation site, when it happened. I heard the shot, but I didn’t see anything.”
“We saw it.” Edith came up behind them, Alan trailing after her. She pulled off her gloves and shoved them into her back pocket.
“What happened, exactly?”
She shrugged. “We were standing there, talking, when Malik came running up. And then he was shot.”
“Did the victim appear to be frightened or upset?”
“Not at all.”
“I see.” The sergeant tapped the pencil against his mustache thoughtfully. “I’d like to see where everyone was. Here, this tent can be the entrance to the tomb. Where were you two?”
“I was about here,” Edith said. “And Alan was next to me, here.”
“Good,” the sergeant said approvingly. “And where was the victim? Geoffrey, you stand in for him.”
“Right about there,” Edith said. “No, a little further to the right, I think. Yes, that’s it.”
“Do you agree?” The sergeant turned to Alan, who nodded.
“Now, what happened then?”
“We heard a shot, and he fell forward onto his face. There was a bloodstain on his back.”
“Hmm.” The sergeant walked several paces behind them, studying the tableau. “You didn’t see where the shot came from?”
“I didn’t,” Edith said. “And the sound echoed off the cliffs, so it was really impossible to be certain.”
“Well, it couldn’t have come from further up the cliff, or from that side, or he would have shot one of you instead. That leaves us with this direction as the most likely one.” He studied them again. “You said that the victim ran up?”
“Yes, quite quickly,” Edith said.
“I wonder? What if he just got in the way?”
He and Alan exchanged looks.
“But then the killer was after one of us.” Edith shivered. “Why would anyone want to kill one of us?”
“Was anyone else with you?” the sergeant asked.
“Miss Parker and Edmund were in the tomb. They both came running out after the shot.” Alan said.
“But there was no way anyone could have hoped to hit either one of them inside the tomb,” Edith pointed out.
“Speaking of Miss Taylor and Edmund, where in the blazes are they?” Geoffrey asked. He raised his voice. “Aziah, have they returned to camp?”
Aziah appeared from behind one of the tents. “No, Mr. Rushton.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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