Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Darrel became consumed by anger for Pallas destroying everything that he held dear. He steals Tartarus’ power and becomes a powerful swordsman that defeats both Pallas and the Dead Knight in just a few blows. With Pallas in the red, readers voted that the true master would appear.

Episode 18

“You are quite the remarkable child,” a voice calls out to Darrel, causing him to stop the downward thrust of his blade, sparing Pallas of the final blow.

Soft soles step through the castle archway, basking another in the light of day. It is a man not much older than Darrel and the others, yet he has the look of wisdom beyond his years. Raven black hair is touched with wisps of gray. The crow’s feet around his eyes are partially hidden with the round glasses, which he slides up the bridge of his nose.

“Master Cronus, “Pallas grins.

Darrel knows the man by another name, “You…you’re Adam Werner. You created Quest of Kings.”

“That I did,” Adam says. “You are astute to know that. Many players do not bother to learn about the people who create the games they play.”

“What are you doing here?” Darrel looks horrified.

Adam smiles, “I am the final boss, after all. Cronus, as my fellow titan mentioned.”

“Master,” Pallas pleads, “Heal me, so that I may vanquish this human.”

Cronus, or Adam Werner, looks at the fallen titan, “You know that I cannot do that. It is against the rules for me to interfere with a boss fight.”

Pallas looks at his master with disbelief. “You forsake me? How dare you…you…you lowly human!”

Using the sliver of strength he has left, the undead god rises, summoning the skeletal guardian that is his true self. The three faced beast lashes out at Cronus, only to be batted away. The skeletal hand bounces off of nothing, as if struck by an invisible wall. Blackened bone shatters on impact, disarming the beast.

“Bosses fighting one another is also against the rules,” Werner says, adjusting his glasses. “As an administrator, it is my duty to deal with rule-breaking.”

Pallas continues with an onslaught, bashing at the barrier that protects his creator. Werner pays the titan no mind. With a wave of his hand, a keyboard seems to materialize from nothing. His hands begin to work diligently despite the fact that his own creation has turned on him. Each keystroke creates code that surrounds him in a sea of binary. Upon the last key, he looks to the three-faced skeleton, the creature he worked so hard to develop for players. One he hoped would be a grand challenge.

“Delete,” he says, without remorse.

Upon those words, Pallas begins thrashing wildly out of control. He roars, as if consumed by pain, trying to get his master before he falls. His hand hits the barrier and it shatters to dust. Roaring louder, he smashes his own head against the invisible wall, and Pallas’ entire body bursts, becoming the same black dust. It wafts in the air, before it is taken away by the wind. All that remains of the undead titan is the corpse that he possessed, Darrel’s father. The body falls limp. Darrel looks away from the corpse.

“Congratulations, Darrel Flint,” Cronus says, “You have faced many dungeons. Mastered the powers of Tartarus, and even managed to vanquish the undead titan, Pallas, alone. There is only one fight left; the final boss you must face is none other than me.”

Darrel tightens the grip on his blade, looking at the game master and final challenge. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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