The Curse of the Seven Pyramids by L. Hayden

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In the previous episode, one of workers from the expedition is killed. Readers voted that Edmund and Kristi find the other half of the photograph that was in Lord Davies’ pocket, while they are looking for the murderer.

Episode 11

“Whew,” Kristi said, wiping her forehead with her sleeve. Edmund turned back to help her up the last few feet of the path, but she waved his hand aside and clambered up next to him.
Below them, the men clustered around Malik’s body like ants, the cliffs behind them shimmering a little in the heat. She could see all the way down the valley, and in the far distance, a sparkling thread winding its way along the horizon.
“That’s the Nile,” Edmund said, following her gaze.
“Wow.” The shiver of excitement that she felt was quickly replaced by a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach. How could she be seeing it seventy years before she had even been born? Or was this still just the movie? Being stuck, well, wherever she was, was a frightening idea. What if her parents had already found out she was missing?
“Kristi? Are you okay?” Edmund put out a hand to steady her, and she realized her legs were shaking.
“I’m fine.” She sank down on a boulder, her eyes suddenly filling with tears.
He raised his eyebrows.
“It’s just . . . what if I can never get back?”
He handed her a mostly clean handkerchief and sat down next to her, his shoulder reassuringly steady against hers. “Get back where?”
“Back home. Out of . . . whatever this is.”
“The expedition? Or Egypt?”
“Just . . . all of this. Is it even real? Are you real?”
He looked at her with a smile that caused her to blush and drop her gaze in confusion. “Very.”
Something crumpled up at the base of the rock caught her eye. Curious, Kristi reached down to pick it up and smoothed it out on her knee.
“What is it?” Edmund asked.
“Part of a photograph from a newspaper, I think,” she said, studying it. “I wonder?”
She reached into her pocket and pulled out the half of the photograph from Lord Davies’ pocket. It matched perfectly.
The new half was too smudged to make out the man’s face, but something about him looked vaguely familiar to Kristi.
“Could someone have shot that man from here?” she asked.
“I doubt it,” Edmund said, getting up and walking over to the edge. “Maybe from further down the path, if he’s a really good shot.”
“This must have fallen out of his pocket on his way down.”
“It could have been dropped by anyone,” he objected. “We don’t know that the shot came from this direction.”
“It would be too weird a coincidence,” she insisted. “There has to be a connection.”
“Well, I suppose he could have come from the other side of the cliffs, further down the valley,” he said doubtfully.
“Of course! Come on,” Kristi said, heading back down the path. “I hope Geoffrey thought to send someone after the sergeant.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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