Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Darrel found himself inches from death by the hand of the Dead Knight who threatened to take what little was left of his health bar. Readers voted that Darrel awaken his anger and mentally force Tartarus to give him his powers.

Episode 17

Darrel sits on the ground with little hope left as his thoughts race in what feels like his final moments.

“This is the end . . .”

Move, you idiot!

“I lost . . .”

Do you want Pallas to win?

“No hope . . .”

He took everything from you!

“He . . . that’s right . . .”

Are you going to let him get away with it?

“No . . . I . . . I won’t. He won’t. He won’t get away with this!”

The boned blade of the Dead Knight swings to cut out the little sliver of health Darrel has left. Before its cracked edge can reach, Darrel catches it bare-handed. It slices into his flesh, but stops at the bone. The knight tries to cut through, but it refuses to budge.

Darrel growls, as he pushes the weapon away. “You killed my father, you killed my brother, and you killed my friends. I’ll make sure you pay!”

His anger seems to manifest itself. Fire begins to combust out of thin air, wrapping him in a cloak of flames. The Dead Knight drops his weapon and flees the consuming inferno that has become the boy. Even the undead god, Pallas, backs away from the young man when their gazes meet. Such seething hatred in Darrel’s eyes causes the great necromancer to tremble.

“I’ll kill you,” Darrel roars, his fury growing, “Nothing will be left!”

The fiery rage reaches its critical point, exploding with such fervent force it knocks Pallas and the Dead Knight on their backs. Dust and smog lingers for a moment, until it is dashed aside by a powerful gale. In the epicenter of the blast stands an ominous swordsman. The upper torso is protected with the spiked armor of Tartarus, while the rest has the robes of Atlas Grey. In the warrior’s hand is a sword that is as wide as he. The blade is cut in two, appearing to be the mouth of some beast with sharpened teeth connecting the steel together.

Darrel opens his eyes, burning in a golden hue soaked in a calming rage. Black scorches his gaze. He says not a word, but raises the unusual sword in the air. The teeth separate from each other, as if the weapon is opening a great maw. Suddenly, a shrill scream fills the air, the same scream Tartarus used against the police of the town. Pallas and the Dead Knight shield their ears, feeling the sudden pain of the attack.

He moves in a blur, attacking before either of the undead enemies could react. The Dead Knight’s health bar disappears just as quickly, being vanquished with a single strike. Pallas watches his bone knight crumble to dust and is no more. Then the dreaded swordsman turns those golden eyes onto him. Pallas throws his skeletal arms up just in time to intercept the sword. His massive health bar takes a heavy toll, dropping to half.

“I will not lose to a human,” Pallas defies defeat.

Darrel’s tone becomes cold, “Die to one . . .”

The sword opens its mouth again and releases a point-blank sonic screech. Pallas suffers the attack, his health draining fast while his skeletal form starts to crack. The undead god roars in pain, unable to stop it. Darrel takes the screaming sword and slashes at the weakened three-faced skeleton. The single blow causes it to shatter like glass. Pallas is left without power, with nothing left with the corpse of Greg Flint as a host.

Pallas lies against the wall of the castle, having no power left. The roles have reversed dramatically. Only a sliver of health remains of him, and a single strike will end the skeletal boss. The warrior that nearly beat him before now stands over him to deal the final blow yet again.

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