Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, the heroes were able to vanquish the Cyclops in battle. As the titanic creature fell, they found a castle upon his back. Standing before the “final” dungeon, they hesitated on whether or not they are ready. Readers voted that they were not ready to tackle the dungeon.

Episode 16

“I think you and your ragtag band are over their heads,” a familiar voice booms inside the dungeon.

A figure passes through the shadows, the iron gates upon the Cyclops’ back screeches open. Darrel is shocked to see his own father exiting the castle along with the Dead Knight.

“Dad?” he seems confused, “What are you doing here?”

His father chooses actions over words, giving a smile while a dark enigma flourishes behind him. The dark three faced demon, Pallas, shows itself. Its titanic image appears to sprout from Greg Flint’s back.

“Daddy isn’t here,” Pallas speaks through the father’s lips. “This corpse is in the control of another.”

Corpse makes Darrel turn a ghastly shade of white. Looking at his father, he notices the sunken eyes and yellowed flesh. What he fears is realized when Pallas tears at the police uniform he wears, revealing a gaping hole in his chest. It is an empty void where his heart used to be.

He is unable to mourn the loss when the Dead Knight rushes him. Darrel is too stunned by the death of his father to react, so it is Tartarus that throws the possessed gauntlet up against the undead soldier’s blade.

No time to be losing yourself, child!

By the time Darrel comes back to his senses, his friends have repelled the Dead Knight back. The bone-armored soldier stands beside Pallas, a new broadsword held at his hip.

Pallas looks to the others through the sunken, dead eyes, “I’m afraid you must excuse us. This is a family matter.”

Yellowing fingers snap, and Darrel’s friends are abruptly yanked into the ground. Rotting hands grab at them, pulling them into the depths. It is so quick that none of them have the chance to scream. Only Darrel is left; alone with his possessed father and the skeletal soldier.

“You said family matters,” Darrel’s voice cracks. “Call off your knight then.”

Pallas laughs, “Oh, but he belongs just like me.”

The undead god glances to the Dead Knight, giving him the subtlest of nods. The knight returns in kind, and then removes his helmet. Somehow, Darrel becomes paler when he sees his brother’s face, flesh rotted to the bone. His brother simply stares, not uttering a single word.

“Darrel,” Pallas sneers, “You’ve lost. You’re alone. Even if you somehow manage to defeat us, it will be hollow. Everyone you cared for is gone.”

Darrel winces at the thought, making Pallas burst into a sinister laughter.

“Do you doubt yourself?” Pallas continues to taunt. “Have no more drive?”

Darrel does not answer. For the first time in his life he does not act. He just keeps a blank look, eyes shifting between his father’s and brother’s corpse.

“No retort?” Pallas questions, a fanged filled grin across his face. “Then I guess this is Game Over.”

Pallas motions to Damien, who charges with sword drawn. The Dead Knight obeys, showing no hesitation of cutting down his own kin. Darrel watches his undead brother close the gap, but does not move a finger. The bone blade comes down.

Darrel falls to one knee, a deep gash across his chest. Above his head, the health bar reaches only a sliver of red. He keeps his head down while the Dead Knight raises his weapon for the finishing blow.

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