Rivertown by Laura Lovic-Lindsay

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In the previous episode, Mark investigated the seemingly abandoned lean-to by the river behind the fruit market. He was approached there by a wild-looking man who knew about the cave Mark and Tim discovered in the woods. The wild man seemed to have knowledge of the events in Rivertown and asked Mark how many were dead. Readers voted that Mr. Giuletta came to the store to speak with Bill and Mark.

Episode 9

“What do you mean, how many? And how do you know my name?” I demanded.

The man shrugged. “I was sitting behind your store most of the day, listening,” he sighed. “Have to get my news somehow. Can’t go to town myself.”

“Why not?” I was genuinely curious. Other than slapping my spear away, this guy didn’t seem much of a threat anymore. He seemed too sad.


I looked up the hill. Bill was shouting from the fruit market. There was an edge to his voice. Something was wrong.

In that moment, I realized I had turned away from the man, and instinctively flinched as I turned back, expecting him to have come at me while my back was turned.

But he hadn’t. He stood, and was also looking at Bill, his eyes sharp, concerned.

“Bill needs you,” he said without looking my way. “But I do, too.” He turned toward me. “Mark, I need you to get something for me.”

He grabbed me by the shoulders and the wild had returned to his face. I felt his hands shaking me.

“I’m tired,” he pleaded. “I’m so tired. But I have a chance this time. I got here early enough. There’s still time. He’ll need to feed more before he descends. And if I can get him now, we can end this.”

His grip had grown tighter as he spoke. My mind had twenty different plans running through it to get away from this man. He may not have been dangerous, but he was still nuts. That was enough.

He continued. “The last time it came here to feed, the priest made holy water. Not normal holy water– he went all the way up the river to get it from the source, a place the Indians knew. I need that water. I need it, Mark. It slows him, contains him. I need you to get it. They kept it in the basement of the church.”

Bill was still calling me, his panic unmasked.

I struggled under the man’s grasp. His hold slipped and I darted across train tracks and up the hill toward the fruit market, the only bit of civilization near.

I touched the building like it was a talisman. Safe.


He called to me from below. He hadn’t chased me like I had feared. He was standing where I had left him.

“There were arrowheads! They weren’t among your things at the cave. They were longer– more like spear tips. We have to end this, Mark! He’ll never leave Rivertown unless we end this! My name is Silas. Someone in Rivertown will remember me. Ask them. Mark. ASK THEM!”

I turned away from him, but as I went in the fruit market, I heard him repeat quieter, “Someone will remember me.”

Bill was leaning against a counter and speaking with Mr. Giuletta.

Mr. Giuletta turned toward me. “Emmett Manley’s body was found in the woods this morning.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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