Love Spells by L. Casebeer

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When the sheriff transported Angelique across state lines and dumped her and the baby along the side of a red dirt road in Georgia, he directed her to a shelter. Readers voted that Angelique head down the road towards the shelter instead of trying to hitchhike back to Florida.

Episode 25

Angelique shushed her baby as the sheriff’s car sped away. She sighed. “Always something,” she muttered. She looked around and saw only pine trees and a red dirt ditch that ran alongside the narrow two-lane road. Angelique had never stayed in a shelter, didn’t even know exactly what they were like, but she no longer had a gun and didn’t have much money, so she started walking. Although she still weighed a few pounds more than she had before she had become pregnant, she was still a good power walker and started covering ground. After half an hour, she hadn’t seen a car or a house or a person, just trees and road. She had given the baby a pacifier and he had drifted off to sleep, bouncing along in the sling on her chest.

As she walked, she heard something behind her and turned to find a Labrador retriever following her. “Hey boy, where’d you come from?” She reached down to scratch the dog behind his ears. “What’s your name, hey boy?”

When she scratched his head, she found a bleeding scratch where his ear had been half torn off. “What happened to you?” She played with the dog for a while, throwing sticks that he would bring back to her. “Okay dog. You can come,” she said as she started to walk again.

After she had walked another mile or so, she began to wonder if the sheriff had misled her about a shelter. A few minutes later, a truck rattled up behind her and stopped. The truck was filled with bales of hay in the back and a shotgun hung in the back window.

“Hello little darlin’,” a man with brown eyes and straight blonde hair falling into his face greeted her. “What in the world you doin’ out here with a baby all by your lonesome? Nothin’ out on this road but trees and logging for miles.”

Angelique was torn. Flirt with him or not? Trust him or not? How was she supposed to know? What about the gun? And what about Chuckie? Always something. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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