Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Eric managed to avoid dying by stealing the Dead Knight’s sword and mortally wounding Pallas. The Undead God then retreated back to the palace where he met with his master. Readers voted that the group would battle the titanic Cyclops in order to storm the castle.

Episode 15

The earth shatters to pieces like broken glass. Darrel falls between the gaps, dropping into oblivion. Silver talons of the gauntlet save him by digging into the stone. Yet even with the strength of Tartarus, he cannot keep the grip for much longer. Peering up through the cracks in the ground, he sees the Cyclops batting one of his friends away like she was a gnat. In comparison to the colossal monstrosity, she may well be one. The creature roars, only to be blasted by a massive fireball. Hovering around its head are nine empty health bars, and one that is only a sliver of life-force in the tenth.

“Are you okay Atlas-baby?” Alex calls down to him.

“Don’t worry about me,” he says, panting, “Finish it off.”

As he makes the command, the Titan Cyclops gets back on its feet, towering over them. It rears back its head and lets out a sonic screech. Green light seems to shine through the cracks of its stony body, allowing it to glow with a forest aura. Only Alex can watch at the horrific sight, the health bars they have spent hours chipping at restore themselves. What took an eternity is undone in the blink of an eye.

“Did…did it just heal itself?” Alyssa asks panting, getting up from the savage swat.

“What?” Darrel gasps, trying to pull himself out of the crevice.

The beast roars, moving as if the battle had just begun. Meanwhile the other three are in a dire state. Their health bars are in the yellow, around forty-percent of their life left. Death nearly claimed them at one point or another.

“All hope is lost,” Alex cries, falling on her bottom.

“Not yet!” Darrel barks to his friends. Glaring at the gauntlet, he commands Tartarus, “If you have any power left, give it to me!”

The anger swelling in him seems to drive the evil spirit to a decision, as the young man is able to hoist himself out of the abyss with ease. Once he is planted back on the ruptured terrain, he is granted yet another gift from the Lord of the Under Realm. The rest of his armor has garnished his body, save for the helmet. A fresh bar of health hangs overhead, gearing him up for the fight.

But before he can strike, he sees a rather large figure rush by him carrying an equally large sword. Darrel and the others find it to be Eric Winters, sporting a new weapon. The big berserker jumps into the air as the Cyclops throws a punch into the ground. He lands atop its arm, using it as a bridge up to the creature’s face. Using the same ploy Atlas did to defeat Pallas, Eric makes his way to the beast’s face. Diving from the shoulder and driving his great sword into the jeweled eye of the titan. The bone blade pierces the gem, causing it to shatter.

The Cyclops stops abruptly, as if it were a toy whose plug had fallen out. It stays motionless, for but a moment, until it topples over, crashing into the school face first. The ten health bars have turned grey, like it were never a monster to begin with.

“Alright Eric,” Darrel shouts to his friend who stands triumphantly on the Cyclops’ head.

“Thanks,” he smiles, but then turns to the back of the beast. “I think Pallas is in there.”

He points to the castle with the tip of his blade, as the others scurry up the mountain of stone that was the devastating adversary. A massive palace is chained to its back, the gates wide open for them to explore.

“What should we do then?” Alex asks being the last to join the others atop the dead beast’s skull.

“Looks like the final level,” Darrel jests, looking to his friends. “You guys ready?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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