The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire

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In order to see what Sam Storm might know about who would want to kill Miranda from Mars, Zach has attempted to track him down by first confronting Helena and Sexy and now he’s confronted Elena from the moon. Upon her arrival, Elena froze the other girls and readers voted that Zach ignore her actions and get on to the case.

Episode 17

I look at the two frozen politicians then turn to Elena and decide to just get to the point. “Elena, I need you to tell me what you know about Sam Storm.”

She shrugs. “He’s a boring windbag who loves the sound of his own voice.”

“Yeah, he’s a politician so that goes without saying. I need to know how his negotiations with the moon are going,” I prompt.

Elena laughs and waves at me with a dismissive hand. “Oh, silly Zachary. There were no negotiations. Yes, Storm did come to us about a month ago but we totally shot down his agenda. We on the moon have no love for Mars but we certainly aren’t going to strike an exclusive deal with the Earth. We don’t exactly trust you guys either. Many of you are jealous that our entire female population and some of our male population are psis.”

“Not jealous, more like leery,” I tell her. “But that’s not the point here, the point is you turned Sam Storm down.”

“Yes, of course,” Elena says.

HARV get me more background information on Storm, his education, any business deals he’s made and so on,” I think. Pointing to Helena and Sexy, I ask Elena, “Will you please un-pause them?”

“But I like ’em that way,” Elena pouts. “They are so peaceful and quiet.”

“Elena, please.”

Zach, I have Storm’s background. As you are aware he was a pitcher, but in college he was actually a good student. He majored in Biocomputing and got an MBA. After his career in baseball he started a successful computer start-up company, MicroMax. They made implantable bionics that were totally undetectable by normal bio-scansInterestingly enough, he sold the technology to the World Council right before he became a member.

Okay, that was something I didn’t realize about Sam Storm. Not sure how that all fits into this, at least not yet.

I turn to the now un-paused Sexy and Helena. “Did you two know Storm’s deal with the moon was a no-go?”

They both shake their heads. “Ah, no,” Sexy tells me.

“He emailed me just a day ago that the deal was dragging on,” Helena says.

That’s confirmed,” HARV tells me.

Can you trace that email?” I ask HARV.

Yes, it’s actually coming from a server on the moon from the No Seasons Hotel there.”

Crossing my arms, I look to Elena and say, “So you are sure, Storm’s deal with the moon fell through?”

“Yes, of course, Zachary.”

“Then why is he sending emails from the moon?”

Elena takes a slight step backwards. “Zachary…” She puts her hand over her heart. “I had no idea he was still on the moon. Trust me, Zachary.”

I turn my attention to Helena and Sexy. “Do you ladies have any idea why Storm would stay on the moon?”

“He’s probably too ashamed to come back,” Sexy suggests.

“Please, he’s a politician; he knows no shame,” I tell her.

“Maybe he’s hoping to get another shot at the moon council?” Helena suggests, “He is a persistent fellow.”

I hear Carol in my mind, “Zach, Merinda’s people are getting antsy. We need you back here…”

For Carol to remotely project a message into my brain she must be very anxious. Still, there’s something about this Sam Storm business that wasn’t sitting right with me… but that could be unrelated… Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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3 responses

  1. Time to return to the main cause and wait for the effect to occur. One thing would puzzle someone would be the implantable bionics; are they for memory storage or would they produce artificial psychokinetic abilities?

  2. When Carol feels this strongly about something, that has to take precedence over tracking down Sam. Besides, if Sam’s still on the Moon, he’s likely to be staying there a while longer. That is, if he is actually still on the Moon. He is definitely smart enough to make a message appear as if it came from there.

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