Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Eric Winters fought against an undead soldier known as the Dead Knight, and ultimately lost. Troy Grimm, or in actuality, Pallas, appeared before the two and offered Eric an ultimatum. He gave the boy a choice of dying, or to join him. With little options, the readers voted that Eric would grab the Dead Knight’s sword and make a last stand.

Episode 14

Death hangs inches from his chest, a sword ready to plunge into his heart. Pallas has given him a horrid ultimatum, with his demise at the end of either path. With nothing else to lose, Eric gives the undead boss a third option. His massive hands reach for the razor-bone edge. It slashes at his flesh, but the brave young man ignores the stinging pain, ripping the weapon out of the Dead Knight’s hands. The weight of the weapon comes down on him, nearly killing himself. Yet, he manages to get it under control, and arcs it against the corpse held by Pallas. Troy Grimm, as he calls himself, has a deep cut raked across his chest. A still-heart keeps blood from being shed, yet the pale man stumbles.

The Dead Knight is too slow to stop the next strike, as he is batted away by the weapon. A quarter of his health vanishes from his health bar. Having both foes away, Eric finally gets to his feet, keeping his new sword at the ready. He turns back and forth between the Dead Knight and Pallas, making sure neither gets any closer than they need be.

Pallas stays the furthest back, the body of Troy holding the gaping hole. “Consider this your victory, child, but know that we will win this war.”

The image of Pallas wraps its rotting arms around Troy, and both vanish in a cloud of smoke. Eric turns to the Dead Knight and finds him gone as well. All that remains is the great sword that the skeletal soldier left behind.

“I’ll consider this loot,” Eric smirks as he hoists the heavy weapon over his shoulder. With his prize by his side, he leaves the store to catch up with the others.


A palace of darkness sits upon the Cyclops’ back, a denizen for a creature of unbridled evil. Through the veil of shadows, Troy and his faithful soldier emerge into what dim light the dancing candles bring. The living dead man appears worse for wear than he did moments ago. His wound has festered, appearing to be rotting at an alarming rate. What little life force the corpse had has been drained away from him, bringing Pallas to his knees.

“This body is at its limits,” he pants, sweat dripping down his pale face. “I need another soon.”

“Παιδί της καταστροφής , γιατί έχουν να μου αποτύχει”

A voice that quakes like thunder calls unto the undead god from on high. Pallas’ eyes climb the mountain of skulls to find a throne sitting atop. A figure keeps itself wrapped in shadows, yet by the fear in Pallas’ hollowed eyes, the throne is the being’s rightful place. Even the Dead Knight bows its head to the one sitting on the gilded seat.

“I throw myself at your mercy,” Pallas says, descending onto one knee in fealty.

“Άνοδος , το παιδί της καταστροφής . Έχω μεγάλη ανάγκη από εσάς ακόμα . Ένα σώμα είναι ό, τι χρειάζεστε για να δείτε στην βασιλεία μου . Θα έχετε επιτύχει ένα τέτοιο σώμα αντάξιος σας .”

“Thank you, my lord,” Pallas says with lowered head. “I will accept your gift humbly…”The ground opens up at the undead man’s feet, shadows crawling and writhing to escape, yet they only offer up another. A human body is thrown from their world, arms and legs bound by blackened chains. The man they hold captive is beaten and bloodied. The police uniform he wears is torn. The man is older than Troy by several years, but unlike the corpse, he appears far more stable a host. Pallas grins, looking down on his new body, when Greg Flint opens his eyes, and a scream can be heard throughout the palace of shadows. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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