The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire

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In the previous episode, Zach is in World Council headquarters trying to get some information on Sam Storm out of Sexy Sprockets and Helena Gevada who have decided to be stubborn. Readers voted that he blackmail them into helping him.

Episode 16

“Look ladies, I know you are busy politicians,” I say, putting air quotes around the word busy, “but I need to question Sam Storm to see if he might be involved in this.”

The two stare at me, hands on their hips.

“Zachy, you know we can’t do that,” Sexy says. “It would be bad form.”

Helena nods. “For one of the few times in my career, I agree with Sexy. “

“In that case, you ladies leave me no choice.” I turn my wrist communicator towards them. “HARV play the video.”

The holographic image of Helena and Sexy rolling on the floor trading blows appears.

“I look good on top,” Sexy says with a smile.

“You two don’t want this to go public. Do you?” I say.

Sexy shrugs. “Oh Zach-man, my fans, I mean voters, I mean constituents, love me no matter what I do. If anything they will just complain we weren’t doing it in mud.”

“She’s got you there,” HARV whispers to me.

I set my sights on Helena. Zeroing in on her, I ask, “what about you? Wasn’t your last slogan, the most distinguished politician in the worlds?”

Helena sighs. “Sam is stepping down from politics at the end of the month. He’s tired of all the red tape. But he wants to go out with a bang so he’s on the moon trying to work out a new trade deal with them.”

“But why sponsor the Earth First Act, then?” I ask. “Products from the moon would be heavily taxed.”

“Sam is trying to work out a deal where Earth would annex the moon and the moon would become part of the Earth,” Helena says.

“That’s crazy!” I say.

Sexy nods. “Yep, Zachy-poo I agree.”

Helena holds her ground. “Obviously the moon’s fierce love of their independence makes it a difficult task to carry out yet it would certainly be a great start to his new career in the private sector. It’s a win for everybody.”

“Everybody except Mars,” I point out.

Helena shakes her head. “It sets a precedent for them to become part of Earth too.”

Okay, this wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but this could be a good break. I have dealt with the people of the moon on several occasions. I have one very good contact there: Elena Sputnik. Elena is a high level psi who I have fought against and with. She is fiercely loyal to the moon where she is on its ruling council. She would certainly know what Sam Storm is up to there.

HARV, make contact with Elena and tell her I need to see her ASAP.”

Done, Zach.”

Let me know when you have a response, HARV.”

A bright, human-sized ball of energy appears in the middle of the room.

HARV points at the crackling ball. “I think her response is coming…”

The ball of the energy fizzes away. There stands Elena Sputnik in all her glory; sparkling green eyes, long blue hair, the smooth peach complexion all somehow perfectly complimented by a purple dress and knee-high purple boots. “You called?” Elena says.

Sexy and Helena are quick to react.

“Elena, baby, I so love those boots but this is so uncool coming in unannounced!” Sexy scolds.

“This is a brazen breach of protocol!” Helena shouts at her.

Elena points at the two lady politicians. “Mute and Pause!” she orders.

The two freeze in place.

Elena blows on her index finger then lowers it. “I love doing that,” she giggles. “Now, Zach, you called?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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  1. I really like how you are bringing in the various characters from the books. People reading only this story don’t know what they’re missing.

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