Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

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In the previous episode, Trewana managed to rip the flaming creature, who was chasing her and Clood, to shreds. While they both stand and watch the remains of Clood’s home burn, readers voted Trewana asks Clood to take her to Kielder Water.

Episode 6

“Will you help me to return to Theildar, Nathan Clood?” Trewana’s voice sounded small, girlish, as I stared at the flames still leaping from my home. I was cut, bruised, singed, my home was gone, my dog had been killed and now she wanted me to take her miles north.

I shoved her away, a little harder than I’d intended. Seeing the shock on her face as easily as I could feel the anger on my own,

“I just lost everything!” I shouted, flinging an arm towards my burned home, “And now you want me to drive off into the wild blue yonder?” I felt a sting of guilt when I saw her flinch.

“Theildar, Nathan Clood.” She specified in her quiet voice. My anger rose, only to be quelled by the expression of abject dejection she wore.

Looking closer I saw cuts and burns on her face and hands, and she held her right arm with her left defensively.

I sighed and looked down before offering her my hand,

“Come on, let’s get you patched up.”

Good old BMW. There was a fully stocked first-aid kit with everything I needed to patch us both up. Trewana gently pulled a few slivers of glass from the back of my neck, her fingers cool as she rubbed anti-septic cream into the skin.

There was no way I was thinking straight. I knew I needed to call someone, let the Fire Brigade know there was no one in the house, go to a hospital, all that stuff. Instead, we climbed into the SUV and drove away.

I stopped to fuel up the X5, grabbing some chocolate and soda for the journey, then made my way onto the M1, thundering northwards.

Listening to the radio, I heard Trewana gasp as she heard the news report concerning my home burning,

“Police are still on the lookout for the writer, Nathan Clood, whose home suffered from a destructive fire in the early hours this morning. Clood is best known for his no-holds-barred scripts and plays, many of which have appeared in the West End. Authorities looking for Clood are asking for anyone with any information to contact them.”

I could see Trewana looking at me as we thundered northwards,

“Are you in trouble, Nathan Clood?” she asked. I shook my head but remained silent, wondering whether I should call the police myself, to let them know I was fine.

Darkness was dropping over the landscape as I stopped on a short bridge crossing a river which led into the massive lake. Trewana stared out at a small island that sat a little way out from both banks of the lake.

“Down there, Nathan Clood.” She pointed to the island.

“Of course,” I sighed, “On a bloody island!”

I spun the car round driving back a short way and turning left towards a dock I’d seen from the bridge.

I parked in front of a boat house and jumped out, looking along the wooden pier. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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