The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire

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In the previous episode, while trying to deduce who would want to kill Merinda from Mars, Zach learns somebody on Earth’s World Council might want her dead… This has brought Zach head to head with World Council members Helena Gevada and Sexy Sprockets and readers voted for him to tell Sexy the truth about why they were talking about her.

Episode 15

“I repeat Zachy, I demand to know WTFing DOS you are doing here talking about me…” Sexy shouts.

Years of being a PI have taught me you can learn a lot about a person watching how they react to a nasty truth.

“I’ll tell you, as long as you promise never to call me Zachy again.”

“Deal, Zach-attack,” Sexy says.

“Wait what,” Helena says, grabbing my arm.

“She deserves to know,” I say without looking back at Helena.

Looking directly at Sexy I tell her, “There was a threat on Merinda-1616’s life.” Yes it’s a small spinning of the truth, but a spinning that fits my need. “Talking to Helena here, she thinks you might have a thing against Mars and Merinda. After all you are one of the sponsors of the Earth First Act.”

“What?” Sexy screams her face turning redder than her mini skirt. “How could you b-!”

Sexy leaps at Helena grabs her and they start rolling on the ground, exchanging physical and mental blows.

“You tone-deaf bimbo, I’ll show you what pain really is!”

“You’re just jealous of my youth and red-hot body!”

“Oh please, why would I be jealous about a dumb, tone-deaf bimbo with no taste or style?”

“You take that back! I have lots of style!”

HARV are you recording this? It could come in handy in the future…”

Of course. Have you gotten what you needed yet? Not to be a pest but we really should be getting back to Merinda and Carol soon. After all, Merinda can’t keep her people looking for a dog that we already found much longer…”

Yeah, Sexy has nothing to do with this. I saw her “made for HV” special, Love Sucks at the Soul…. She’s not nearly a good enough actress to pull off this kind of fake anger.”

I concur. I’ve run voice analysis on both ladies and they seem to be telling the truth.”

“Okay, ladies that’s enough!” I shout.

I walk over to the two who are still rolling on the floor pounding each other. Bending down I pull Sexy off of Helena. Helena kicks at Sexy from the floor but I block her kick. “That would have been a low blow even for a politician,” I scold.

I offer my hand to Helena. She accepts it and I pull her to her feet.

“I’m pretty certain neither of you has anything to do with the threat against Merinda,” I tell them. “Now I just need to talk to your fellow council person Sam Storm just to gauge if he has anything to do with this.”

“Impossible,” Helena tells me. “He’s on a top-secret fact-finding tour.”

Sexy nods. “Yep, we can’t just tell you where one of us really important people is.”

“Well it’s nice to know that you two can at least agree on something.”

“We also agree that World Council members are vastly underpaid,” Sexy says proudly.

“You got that right, sister,” Helena says, fist raised.

Sexy turns to Helena. “You can’t believe how much more lucrative it was being a teen pop rock idol slash goddess.”

“Oh, I can believe it!”

I cough. “Ah, ladies. I’m trying to prevent a murder here. So it will really help if you focus.”

The two ladies cross their arms and lock their mouths shut. You didn’t have to be a PI to see they weren’t going to tell me anything. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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