Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough

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In the previous episode, Trewana and Clood were attacked in his house by a fire creature which killed his dog, Dax. Narrowly escaping in his car, readers voted that Trewana orders Clood to stop and uses her own powers against the beast.

Episode 5

I still had my foot welded to the floor and even with the engine bellowing its own angry cry, I heard her.

“Stop, Nathan Clood!” Trewana’s voice, although commanding, wasn’t raised at all.

As if she controlled me automatically, my foot jumped off the accelerator and stomped gently on the brake.

“What are you doing?” I squealed in horror, “Didn’t you see what that thing did to my house?” Trewana looked into my eyes and smiled,

“Believe in me, Nathan Clood. How do I get out of this…” she looked around, as if searching for some descriptive word,

“Car.” I supplied, showing her how to use the handle.

The building which had been my home for the past seven years was an inferno. Orange flames blanketed the majority of the old structure, which had been built from local timber about a hundred years ago. The whistling creak of collapsing timbers provided a counterpoint to the symphony of crackling flames.

I watched as her girlish form walked towards my house, her head tilted to one side, Forrest Gump style, as she lifted her arms slowly to point at the conflagration.

I knew my mind was slipping when I heard Trewana singing. Singing! Her voice was high and sweet, as beautiful as she was herself, but this hardly seemed the time. I was in mid-step, launching myself towards her when she clenched her fists.

A flaming leg, complete with foot, stepped from the fire which still tore at my house, followed by more of the flame-creature. From this distance, I could see shapes inside the flames it consisted of, looking almost like a skeleton with ribs and spine easily visible.

I grabbed Trewana’s arm and tried to drag her towards the car. It was like pulling against stone.

With awful efficiency, the flame-creature crossed the lawn in front of my house. I looked behind it to see what looked like snakes wriggling through the grass. When I finally realized it was ivy, my mind whirled.

Thousands of small tendrils of ivy jumped from the mass behind the living flame, wrapping round its skeleton: ribs, arms, legs and spine. Like sinuous tentacles, they gripped and tangled, wrapped and burdened the thing, seemingly impervious to the flames it gave off.

The thing thrashed and writhed in the iron grip of the ivy, singeing off leaves and blackening the bark but helpless in the plant’s grasp.

There was a moment of silence. I looked into its eyes and saw fear and then watched in awe as it was ripped into hundreds of pieces by Trewana, somehow making the ivy pull itself apart.

An inhuman bellow of pain rent the air and I felt glad, this thing should feel pain for killing Dax.

Trewana bounced lightly over and leaned into me as we watched the rest of my former home burn. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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