Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Darrel and his friends were attacked by an enormous Cyclops. With no form of defense, they decided to arm themselves. Readers voted that the entire group would flee to the Sports-Store.

Episode 12

A powerful quake ruptures beneath the hero’s feet, making it a struggle to stay standing. Even in the distance, the Cyclops presence can be felt when he takes a step. The towering beast still looks menacing, as it razed the school to the ground with a single swipe of its hand. Despite its threat to the town, Darrel and his friends have another priority. In order to fight off the creatures that seemed to have flooded into the game, they must arm themselves.

For that reason, they find themselves stepping through the sliding doors of Keith’s Outdoor Depot. A local hunter, Keith Urbane has received many company sponsors to open up this mega-store in this town. But once inside, the group finds that there is a new batch of hunters.

Keith lets out a horrid shriek as he crashes to the ground. A hovering health bar dips into the red. He rolls over to find his attackers crowding for him. Vicious skeletons armed with steel turn their weapons on him, finishing off the little health he had. The owner lays there motionless, his game now over. With another kill under their belt, the horde of undead turns their hollowed eyes on Darrel and the others.

“Alex and I will hold them off,” Darrel announces, freeing his gauntlet from the jacket. “You two go find something to fight them.”

“Right,” Alyssa answers quickly, and takes Eric into the store.

One of the skeletons turns to go after them, but Darrel makes sure it goes no further. He pounces on the bag of bones like a hungry lion, raking his claws through it. The undead minion crumbles to pieces, leaving only a pile of bones and a stolen machete. Darrel picks up the blade, and gives it a quick swing.

“It’s no sword, but it’ll do,” he says to himself.

A sudden clicking sound gets his attention, as he turns to find an axe-wielding one. The skull seems to rattle a battle-cry as it swings. Steel meets steel, Darrel offering the gauntlet up as a shield. Inside his mind he can hear Tartarus roaring in frustration, but nothing more. Their power struggle does not last long, as the skeleton suddenly becomes engulfed in flames. The creature thrashes as if it can feel the burning, but does not scream. Seconds pass before the fire dies, and the bones are reduced to charcoal.

“Don’t worry, Atlas-Baby, I’ll protect you,” Alex giggles.

‘Thanks,” Darrel answers, “Let’s go find the others.”

Toward the back of the store, they spot Eric and Alyssa with weapons. However, that is not all they find. A strange soldier armored in bones stands between them and their friends. Thrust at the knight’s feet is a massive great sword, one nearly as tall as he. Through the skulled helm, the Dead Knight observes those that surround him.

“Is that another enemy?” Darrel asks.

The Dead Knight turns abruptly toward him, “…”

A bead of sweat trickles down his brow, “I’m getting an uneasy feeling about him…”

The Dead Knight looks away and returns a hand to his sword. Pulling the bone blade from the ground, the floor becomes painted with archaic runes. Before the others realize what is happening, they become surrounded by some strange light.

“What’s going on, Atlas-Baby?” Alex whines.

An arena, a voice whispers among the dancing runes. Three may leave, but one must stay. Choose your champion…Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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