The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire

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In the previous episode, Zach’s mother-in-law Helena hinted to Zach that somebody on the World Council might want to see Merinda dead. Zach has asked if Helena would rat out her fellow council member and readers voted that she does.

Episode 14

I lean towards Helena, “I repeat, will you rat out your fellow council member or members? Who would want to see Merinda dead? What could they gain by hurting the Earth-Mars relationship?”

Helena bends over the desk, grabs my collar and pulls me towards her quite violently.

“Zach! How dare you ask me that!”

I keep calm. Locking my eyes on her I raise a finger and say, “First, you’re the one who brought this up. I don’t have a lot of time to fool around so yeah, I dare ask you.” I raise a second finger and tell her, “Second, while I don’t hit ladies, unless of course they are trained assassins and trying to kill me, I am not against shocking you…”

Helena releases my collar and lets me drop to the chair. She sits back and smiles. “Just messing with you, my boy. I want to see what the man my daughter plans to marry is made of.” Helena crosses her arms and looks at me smugly. “Not to throw mud but I suspect that it’s Sexy Sprockets…”

I worked with Sexy a couple of times back in the day when she was a teenage rock star, before old age (turning 20) forced her to go into politics. “Come on, Helena, Sexy is vapid and shallow, but she’s not a killer.”

Helena leans back deeper in her chair. “She spent a lot of years in the music industry; you don’t get more diabolical than music execs. Surely, some of that must have rubbed off on her.”

I shrug. “So, what would Sexy gain from disrupting the Earth-Mars relationship?”

Helena returns my shrug with one of her own.

“One of Sexy’s biggest backers is HyperUltraMaxMart, they would lose profit if Earth were suddenly floded with handmade products from Mars.”

That is true,” HARV tells me in my head.

“Well, for one I can’t imagine HyperUltraMaxMart would lose THAT much profit, and secondly, I’m pretty sure they back all you politicians.”

That is also true,” HARV says in my head. “This year alone Helena has received over a million credits from HUMM.”

Helena smirks. “Zach, what is this obsession you have with counting?”

“Just answer the question, Helena.”

She sighs, “Yes, HUMM does contribute to my causes, but I’m not the one who started the Earth First Act. That is being championed by Sexy and Councilman Sam Storm. If that bill passes, all non-Earth made products will be taxed three hundred percent.”

I’m sure you are familiar with Sam Storm since prior to his political career he was a pitcher for the Mexico City Padres,” HARV says.

span id=”para18″ style=”color: #000000;”>”I actually forgot all about Sam Storm since he retired from baseball,” I say.

“He’s not one of the more outspoken World Council members,” Helena says. “But that doesn’t make him or Sexy any less calculating.” She pushes a button on her desk. The dome rises up off of us.

At that moment, Sexy Sprockets comes bursting into Helena’s office. I swear her blond hair is longer than her red mini skirt and pink halter. Sexy stands there, arms crossed, stiletto boots tapping furiously on the ground. “Helena, Zachster, I demand to know why you are talking about me.”

Helena holds open her palms to Sexy in a calming gesture. “Sexy, whatever makes you believe we were talking about you?”

Sexy’s face turns red to match her pants. “Can the crap, Helena, remember I’m a psi with years in the music business, I can tell when ever somebody is saying bad things about me.” Sexy makes a fist and shakes it at us. “Now I demand to know what the DOS is going on here!” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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  1. I like her, too; I don’t think she’s trying to sabotage this deal with Mars. She already knows something’s up, might as well let her in on the rest of the story. So far the voters agree with me.

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