Love Spells by L. Casebeer

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When Angelique had decided to leave the night before, she had borrowed cash and a gun from Cynthia Ann. She had packed essentials for the baby, leaving little room in a backpack for her own things. She had texted Robbie to meet her on the road as she walked away from Cynthia Ann’s house. Hungover, Robbie had received the texts from Angelique but shut off his phone, pulled the sleeping bag over his head and went back to sleep.

Episode 22

Angelique had wanted to leave before dawn so Cynthia Ann wouldn’t have a conversation with her. She was tired of conversations. All of them. Old people telling her what to do. Or telling each other she was trouble. She continued muttering to herself or to little Chuckie that it was time to move on when she started walking down the road away from Cynthia Ann. She still expected Robbie to come and pick her up. And when he didn’t show up, she kept texting.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Ann had awakened and made the usual chicory and milk first- thing-in-the-morning cup of coffee. She had sat down at the computer to check her messages and for a while sent responses to her clients about appointments. After an hour or so when she didn’t hear Angelique or the baby, she finally went to check and found the room empty.

She called her cousin, the sheriff and asked him to keep a lookout for Angelique along the highway. She let him know she was going to drive out from the house and see what she could find also.

“Told you she was more trouble than she was worth. She went to find that boy, no doubt.”

“Be that as it may,” Cynthia Ann began, “I want to find her. She doesn’t know what she’s getting into hauling a baby around, not knowing what comes next. It was one thing when it was just her. She could bolt and it didn’t matter so much. She barely knows what to do with an infant.”

The sheriff promised to watch for Angelique, but he had other ideas about permanently escorting Angelique out of the state and away from the largess of his cousin. When he finds Angelique along side of the road several miles from Cynthia Ann’s house, she is giving little Chuckie a bottle in the shade of an old live oak tree. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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