Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Damien Flint fought against Pallas and ultimately lost. Pallas has transformed the boy into an undead servant called a Dead Knight. Readers have voted that Pallas will now send another creature after Darrel and his friends.

Episode 11

A shrill, horrifying shriek fills the air. Darrel stands at the entrance to the locker room, his face a deep shade of red. By the lockers, his friend Alyssa covers herself with her gym shirt, while Alex, with her chest bare, lets a sly smile cross her lips. Time seems to stand still for a moment until Alyssa grabs her backpack and hurls it at Flint. He is still too stunned by the sight to move out of the way, and has his face smashed with a bag full of textbooks.

“Learn to knock!” Alyssa shouts at him, her face just as red as his. “It is bad enough I have to dress in front of this freak.”

She points an accusing finger at the gender swapped Alex, who giggles at her reaction. Darrel slinks up from the floor, but shields his eyes.

“Sorry,” he says, clearly embarrassed. “I got a text from my brother. He says that Pallas is here.”

He slinks out of the girl’s locker room and waits for the two to finish dressing into their regular clothes. In the halls they regroup, he and Eric are already dressed. Darrel even managed to snatch a jacket from one of the other lockers to help conceal the gauntlet. It hangs loosely on the rest of his body, looking more like an overcoat.

“So what are we going to do?” Eric is the first to speak.

“We’re going to find my brother,” Darrel answers. “Then we will go after Pallas.”

“With what?” Alyssa demands. “We didn’t even beat him in-game. We have no weapons, no armor, and no items. All we have is you and princess over here.”

“I guess we’ll have to go shopping then,” Alex smirks, keeping her hands on her hips.

While Alyssa and Darrel laugh it off, Eric thinks otherwise, “There’s that new hunting store down the block. We can buy Alyssa a bow and me an axe.”

“That won’t look suspicious,” Alyssa mocks.

“It is better than nothing,” Darrel speaks up. “At least we have a game plan. Now…”

Before they can continue formulating a strategy, something comes crashing down through the ceiling. Darrel pulls Alyssa out of the way as a steel beam smashes the spot where she stood. The group looks to find a massive foot, which picks up again, traveling to who-knows-where. Unable to stay stunned, they rush outside, or risk having the school fall on top of them.

In the parking lot, they find the stomper towering over all, casting a shadow that looks to stretch for miles. Even as it is hunched, the beast makes Pallas look like a dwarf in comparison. Its flesh appears gray and cragged, as if composed of stone. Long, bony arms pull itself along the ground to keep it mobile. A sharp head is carved in the stony form, giving it a long muzzle filled with sharp teeth. A mane of stalagmites drape around its neck, giving it a regal look. The creature appears blind, save for a blood red ruby in the middle of its head.

Rusted chains wrap around its limbs and torso, rattling as it stomps through the lot. Iron binds a castle to its back, one that appears desolate and haunted. The creature turns, causing the ground to quake with every step. As it peers down on the group, ten life bars float around its head, showing its nearly endless health.

“Uh guys,” Alex squeaks, looking up at the beast, “I don’t think that thing was ever in the game…” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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