Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Tartarus possessed Darrel once again to vanquish Cerberus. While victorious it was only a ploy to buy Troy Grimm time to unleash the game into the real world. Readers voted that Darrel’s younger brother would come in to stop him.

Episode 10


The door to the computer lab falls off its hinges, the heavy metal smashes into a handful of desktops. A high school freshman stands atop the downed door. Using it as a springboard, he vaults over the scrambled desks, and plants his sole into Troy’s chest. The corpse goes reeling to some keyboards, terminating the corruption onslaught that plagued the monitors.

“That’s for chomping on me yesterday, Pallas!” the attacker sneers.

Troy, truthfully Pallas, looks up to find the boy running at him, a baseball bat in hand. Planting his sneaker into the floor, he swings. The wood cracks into the undead skull. A hollow crunch fills the room, as splinters scatter around them. Even with his split bat, the freshman is far from finished. Taking what is left, he drives it into the corpse’s chest. Bloody spittle gushes from his mouth when he coughs.

“How?” Pallas gurgles, “Who…are you?”

“The name is Ryley Damien Flint,” the freshman answers, ripping the bat from Pallas. “You probably know me better as Damien Dark.”

Pallas tries to crawl away, but Damien attacks him again. A swift kick to his side takes the wind out of the undead boy’s lungs. Another sends him sprawling on his back. Damien continues the savage beating, intending to re-kill this necrotic titan. He only stops when his foot begins to hurt, pulling away a bloody sneaker. A soft groan comes from Pallas’ throat, meaning that he yet lives.

“I’m gonna make sure you die this time, you stupid boss,” Damien says, stepping away to find a makeshift weapon.

Believing the titan is done for, Damien mistakenly drops his guard. While his back is turned, Pallas crawls to one of the last working computers near which shows the message “DO YOU ACCEPT CORRUPTION?”. With his only working hand, he types in his answer.


Meanwhile, Damien searches for some tool to finish the job. He makes do with a broken desk leg, holding the metal like a sword. When he turns to slay the beast, he is grabbed by a large skeletal hand. Troy is back on his feet, protected by a rib cage of charred bone. The upper body of Pallas surrounds the boy, regaining a portion of his undead might.

“The tables have turned on you yet again, Damien Dark,” he remarks. He and the three-faced skull share a grin. The boy continues to thrash in his bony grip, causing Pallas to laugh. “Such young strength, it would be a waste to snuff you out.”

His human eyes grow brighter, as he chants an ancient language of the game to invoke dark magic. Damien yells, frustrated that he cannot break free of the bones that bind him. Yet, with every archaic word uttered, his roars turn to screams, pain coursing through him. Whatever spell the undead titan is casting appears to be having an affect on the poor boy. The spell comes to an end when Damien’s body erupts in a flash of green light.

When the light fades, Pallas lets go of the body. Instead of a high school freshman, an undead lands to its feet. It is a knight, dressed in armor of bone and skulls. The helmet is the dead head of a dragon, a mesh of fangs hiding any remains of the boy hidden in the armor.

Pallas examines his Dead Knight with a satisfying grin, “Damien Dark, who do you pledge loyalty to?”

The soldier of bones crosses the blades built into his arms, as he kneels before the titan. In a voice as hauntingly hollow as his still heart, Damien speaks, “I pledge myself to you, my lord.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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