The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire

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In the previous episode, Zach is trapped by a drone in mid air and if that’s not bad enough the drone is threatening to crash itself and Zach. Readers voted that he asks HARV to get the other two drones to help.

Episode 9

As the drone lifts me higher and higher I make an attempt to reason with it. I pop my gun into my hand and wave it in front of the drone’s sensor.

“Land now or I blow you away,” I say in my best tough guy growl.

“Sir, I am planning on destroying myself as well as you so your threat is truly and empty one…. Either way you will die and my mission will be accomplished…”

“It’s got you there,” HARV tells me.

“HARV, you still in communication with the other drones?”

“Yes of course.”

Using my right hand I reach into my left leg holster and pull out my good old fashion emergency knife. There are times when simple is best. Holding the top of the net and my gun with my left hand I use the knife in my right hand to start cutting through the bottom netting.

“You are lucky the World Council cut corners and skimped on the netting for these drones. They were more concerned about their looks than function,” HARV tells me.

“Well, it usually doesn’t make a lot of sense to cut yourself out of a net from 200 meters in the air,” I say.

“Good point,” HARV agrees. “Zach, not to state the obvious but the fall from this height will still kill you even with your body armor. So I am assuming you have some sort of plan…”

“Yeah, as soon as I cut myself loose and start to fall I want one of the other drones to catch me with its net and then guide me gently to the ground…” I say cutting away.

“Not exactly the best plan…” HARV notes.

“Do you have another, HARV?”

Silence then, “Continue to cut away…”

“Okay, HARV the timing is going to have to be perfect here,” I say preparing to separate myself from the drone.

“Zach I feel I must warn you the drones are not programmed to net falling targets. Running yes, falling no…”

“Falling is just vertical running,” I note. “Make the adjustments…” I think a moment more. “Oh and make sure my bullet hits this drone. Can you do all that?”

“Doesn’t really matter if I can or can’t since you’re so committed to this plan,” HARV tells me.

I cut out the bottom of net and release my grip on the top, beginning my fall to the ground.

I let myself free fall for a second or three then fire my gun. Nothing left for me to do except fall and hope this plan works.

Plummeting to the ground I hear an explosion above me. I take that as a sign I have taken out the drone that wanted to kill me. The ground is looming closer and closer…I feel something wrap around me. My descent slows. Something else wraps around me. My descent stops. I find myself engulfed in two nets, dangling a meter above the roof of the World Council building as drone debris litters the ground all around me.

“You’re welcome,” HARV says. “I had both drones net you to compensate for your momentum. “

My future mother in-law, senior World Council member Helena Gevada, bursts through the roof door followed by her two personal guard bots.

“Zachary, what are you doing destroying and misusing World Council property?” she demands. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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  1. The current vote results notwithstanding, Zach would not be advised to take a snarky tone with his future mother-in-law.

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