The Curse of the Seven Pyramids by L. Hayden

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In the previous episode, Kristi Taylor wakens to find herself in an unfamiliar cave, an irate man demanding that she get up and join the expedition. Bewildered, she looks around and finds a trunk full of odd-looking clothes. Readers voted that she get dressed and go look for an explanation of what was happening. 

Episode 2

Something niggled at the back of her mind. Parker? Where had she heard that name recently?

And for that matter, where was she?

With an aggrieved sigh, Kristi picked up the pants.

The shirt was a little large, but the pants fit snugly around her waist. She found a pair of boots lined up in the corner next to an umbrella. No, not an umbrella. It was too flimsy for that. A parasol? Seriously?

Scowling, she stuffed her feet in the boots and strode towards the entrance of the cave, laces flapping wildly, and stopped dead at the scene spread out in front of her. Now she remembered where she had seen the name Parker before.

Below, several tents were pitched under the protection of the cliffs. The campsite was quiet except for the flapping of an unsecured corner in the breeze, but further down the valley she could just make out a bustle of activity around a dark opening in the rocks.

It was the scene from the opening credits of The Curse of the Pyramids.

No way.

But . . . how?

And that meant . . . No . . .

But it had to.

It meant someone was about to die.

And she was the only one who knew.

She stumbled wildly down the slope, landing at the bottom in a heap.

“Miss Parker!” A young man came running out from one of the tents, his sleeves rolled up to the elbow and a pencil stuck behind his ear. He reached down and helped her to her feet. “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine,” she said, dusting off her pants. “My name isn’t . . . never mind. It’s not important. Look, if you don’t do something, somebody-” she waved towards the people at the other end of the valley. “-is going to die. You’d better warn them.”

“I don’t understand.” He looked bewildered. “Who? How do you know?”

Behind him, she noticed a hand reach out of the other tent and pull back the opening a little, and then vanish again. Weird.

“It’s because of the curse, or something like that.” She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate, but all she could remember was the blurb on the back of the DVD case. “I don’t know who. But if he dies, he won’t be the first one.”

His face relaxed and he smiled. “Come now, Miss Parker. Surely you don’t believe in curses?”

“Of course not, but . . .”

But that didn’t mean curses couldn’t kill in movies. Maybe she was going crazy.

“Anyway, my name isn’t Parker,” she said. He frowned. “It’s Taylor, Kristi Taylor. And I know it sounds weird, but someone really is going to die.”

“But. . .” He ran a hand through his fair hair, perplexed. “Did you hit your head?”

“No. I-” Kristi broke off at what she saw. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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