Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Darrel and his friends came across the arsonist, the hell-hound Cerberus. The beast has unleashed a destructive breath attack with Darrel in his sights. The boy has called upon Tartarus for aid. Readers voted that Tartarus would possess Darrel in order to stop the beast.

Episode 9

Darrel is struck by the attack, being consumed by fire, ice, and lightning. Alyssa shrieks, and tries to run into the fray, but Eric reels her back by her shirt. She is forced to watch her friend being ravaged by the elements, feeling so helpless. Yet in the storm, the growls of another beast brew.

Amusing child…I shall help you. Do not confuse this as me submitting to you. I merely need to teach my pet a lesson…

In the cloud of chaos, an armored figure rises. The iron crown upon its head scrapes the ceiling, towering over the lot. Cerberus appears a pup in comparison. A blood red cloak swirls from the elements. Upon the cloth is the emblem of the Under Realm. The black-steeled creature marches forward, a massive broadsword hanging from its belt. It reaches for the weapon, drawing it with a single pull. The King of the Under Realm, Tartarus, reigns forth.

You forget your master. For that I will be sending you back to the Under Realm…

He holds the massive weapon in both hands, requiring all of his strength to wield. Cerberus lunges at the armored king. A single stroke of the sword cuts across the beast, and depletes all three of its health bars. The hell-hound lets out one last shrill howl before bursting into shards, showering the area like sand. The flames that blanket the halls die with it, returning the school to normal.

Thankful, yet frightened, Alyssa manages to squeak, “D-Darell…”

The king turns to them, thrusting his blade into the ground at his feet. Tartarus stands like a sentry, staring intently watching the three humans through the slits of his helm. Then, the armored lord breaks apart like shattered glass. Left behind is his host, Darrel, the gauntlet still latched to his right arm. The young man staggers, left in a brief daze from the possession. He comes to when he finds Alyssa with her arms around him, a smile across her face.


“A useful distraction,” Troy smiles, as if he knows that the hell-hound has been slain.

The young corpse looks about the computer lab in which he has barred himself. Each screen shows the same image, the login screen of Quest of Kings loading. That is until they morph into black and violet swirls, a chorus of horrid sounds fill the room. Grimm finds the noise to be a pleasant orchestra for his intentions. Following the swirls of colors, he finds a familiar image, almost like a mirror.

Pallas’ three-sided face appears behind words on the screens, all asking “DO YOU ACCEPT CORRUPTION?” Troy looks eagerly at his former body, knowing that soon it will be back in his possession, and that he can discard the decaying facade. Running from keyboard to keyboard, he answers the question: accepting corruption to run wild in the world.

“All it will take is a single keystroke, and the world shall fall into madness,” he grins evilly, crimson eyes blazing bright with the fires of destruction. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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