The Curse of the Seven Pyramids by L. Hayden

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Episode 1

“Cinder, stop that.” Kristi rescued her glass of wine and snuggled down on the sofa. She patted the pillow next to her. “Watch a movie with me?”

The grey tabby scowled at her and, after a moment’s deliberation, leaped to the ground and stalked off.

“Suit yourself,” Kristi called after her. She reached for the remote control and pressed the on button. Melodramatic music played as the title scrolled across the screen. The Curse of the Seven Pyramids. She turned up the volume, took a sip of the wine and put her feet up on the coffee table. It had been a long first day of school with her third-graders, and her eyelids began to sag.

She was drenched in sweat when she woke, and the air was stifling. Arg. The air-conditioning unit must have broken again. I’m going to kill the landlord. I knew finding a cheap repairman on Craigslist was a bad idea.

“Planning to sleep all day, Miss Parker?” At the irate masculine voice her eyes flew open and she sat bolt upright. What the-

Bright sunlight and the outline of someone standing in front of it blurred together, forcing her to squint. She rubbed her eyes.

She had been lying on a hard cot with a thin sheet spread over her. The air was dim and stuffy, and the walls were cave-like, carved out of rough stone. A man stood at the entrance, shadowed against the sunlight. He was tall, lithe, and dressed like Indiana Jones, minus the fedora.

“I don’t know what kind of expedition you’re used to, but here you’ll be expected to rise early and be ready to start work promptly. If you want tea and molly-coddling, go home.”

“But I’m not . . . who . . . I don’t . . .” He frowned at her as she struggled to put together a coherent sentence.

“Hurry up. Don’t forget your pants,” he said and left, picking his way easily down the slope outside.

Kristi pushed her blonde hair back from her sweating face and swung her feet over the side of the cot. They got tangled up in the voluminous white nightgown she was wearing, and she impatiently yanked it free from her legs.

A trunk stood propped open against the wall. She pulled out its contents and threw them on to the cot. Dark skirts. White shirts. High laced boots. Some kind of weird-looking undergarment and the ugliest pants she had ever seen. Her own clothes had vanished.

She sat back on her heels and thought hard about the situation. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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