Love Spells by L. Casebeer

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A tough decision, should Angelique stay with Cynthia Ann or should she go before she gets thrown out the way she has before? Readers were undecided. Keep reading to see what happens next.

Episode 20

Angelique was shaking as she carried the baby back into the house just after sunset. The cooing of the dove near the house sounded as mournful as she felt. “Her cousin had to be the sheriff,” she said to herself. She began pacing back and forth through the house at first to settle the baby, but then to settle her own thoughts. “What now, little Chuck? What now? And where is your daddy? For a minute, I thought he found us.” “What now, what now,” she repeated softly, almost like a lullaby. “Everybody throws me out. Sooner or later. But why would they want to get rid of you?”

Angelique put the baby back in the cradle in the darkened room and stood there absently rocking. “What now, what now, what now.” She thought about her mother and her sister. She thought about her friend Brittany. She thought about her Aunt Laura who she had not meant to shoot in the ear. None offered an immediate path out of the door. No one was close enough at the moment to be of any help to Angelique and the baby. “What am I doing in Florida?”

Then she made a decision. She sat down at Cynthia Ann’s computer and again sent a message to Robbie. I know she had a shotgun and you probably don’t even want to know me but I have to get out of here before she throws me out and I am asking you to come and get me. As soon as it gets light in the morning, I am going to start walking down the road away from this house and I hope you will be there to pick me up. I am yours. You are mine. Together forever.

Back in the dark of the bedroom, the moon just rising through the window, the baby asleep, Angelique pulled out a backpack and a diaper bag and began putting together the baby’s things and her own. After a while, without undressing or taking off her shoes, she laid down to sleep, imagining what it would be like to be with Robbie. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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