Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Darrel and his friends found out that more of the game has corrupted the real world. And once your health drops to zero, it is game over in the real world too. Meanwhile, a creature has begun to spread fire in the school. Readers voted that the creature was Cerberus.

Episode 8

The fire alarm shrieks. Students flee from their classrooms, running from the spreading flames and sea of smoke. They exit the building, coughing from the inhalation of the toxic smog that fills every hall. Staff and students get out just in time. The fire bursts through the windows, raining glass onto the streets below.

In the halls, the flames continue dance, burning everything in their wake. Not all students were lucky enough to escape. Darrel and his friends find their route blocked by the arsonist. It pads the floor like a stalking wolf, but is as large as an elephant. Blood of its last meal streaks its ash colored fur. Three heads of the hell-hound snarl, liquid fire trickle from its massive jaws.

Allyssa is the one to ask, “I-Is that—.”

“Cerberus,” Darrel answers.

The beast howls, singing of destruction. It breathes fire, creating a wave that intends to capture everyone in the roar of flames. No time to run, the group stands firm waiting to be consumed. Suddenly, a winter’s wind rushes past them, dousing the flames and injuring Cerberus. Above the creature, a health bar dips over each of the heads, but just a sliver.

Alex Jones steps to the forefront of the party, a colorful wand held tight in her hand. She speaks a language foreign to this world, and found only in the game. Chanting brings a blizzard from the tip of the wand that sprays the beast, causing it to reel. All three suffer a quarter of their health lost.

“You can use magic?” Eric asks, his jaw hanging open.

“I guess so,” Alex answers with a giggle.

Her cheery attitude and hope of victory disappears when Cerberus attacks her with a chilling breath. Jones is knocked to the ground, half her health vanishing. Eric runs to her aid, while the others look to the beast. Despair runs rampant, as it has taken a new shape. Each head has changed. The left head has its fur shifted to blue crystals, ice forming for fangs. Its middle has been washed in a coat of fire. The final head appears electrified with its golden fur. All three of its new coats mix together with the ash coat.

“Fire, ice, and lightning,” Darrel grits his teeth, feeling helpless. “It’s Cerberus from the Under Realm.”

With Alex injured from the attack, and the other two without any gifts from Quest of Kings, it is up to Darrel to stop the beast. The last time it took an entire army to take the beast down. Now he must stand alone. He marches forward, as Cerberus unleashes a breath of ice, fire, and lightning. The elements come storming at him…

“Tartarus,” he calls out to the demon dwelling inside, “Give me your power!”

You dare order me, child!

“If you want to live as well, you shall do as I say,” Darrel answers, the attack barreling toward him. “And it is not child. I am Atlas Grey…” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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