Love Spells by L. Casebeer

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Angelique had forgotten to warn Robbie to stay away. When he did show up looking for her, he was confronted by Cynthia Ann and a shotgun. Readers voted that she use the shotgun to threaten and warn Robbie to leave and stay gone.

Episode 19

“Cynthia Ann, put that gun down. You know I can’t always be here taking up your side on things.” Cynthia Ann’s cousin Ralph towered over her. The sheriff was broad-shouldered, a high school football player in his time. Now his hair was graying and by eight o’clock that evening he looked tired. “Sooner or later one of the deputies is going to show up instead of me and they might decide to lock you up just because of one of your customers.”

“Little bastard called you after I chased him out of here, didn’t he?”

“Called the office. Probably had no idea we are related. Call came in through dispatch when I was sitting down to dinner. Recognized the address. Been here once or twice before.”

“Just for the record, he was not one of my customers. That boy showed up in a truck with a gun rack and a gun in it for that matter. And he had a dog that wouldn’t quit howling. Showed up on my property looking for her.”

“Dog’s probably howling at that full moon coming up over there.”

“People think the moon is some excuse for howling. That dog was just ornery.”

“I know you don’t want to hear this Cynthia Ann, but that boy’s not the trouble. The girl is. And I know how you been since your own kids grew up and left home. Before that you got a rotten deal with that husband of yours leaving you to raise them. And I know you. You want to help her and the baby, but she’s not like your kids. She’s trouble. You need to get rid of her.”

Once she had heard the wheels on Robbie’s truck spin out of the gravel driveway, Angelique had continued to pat the baby and jiggle him while she walked back towards the house, but she had stopped past the grove of trees when she heard the siren. She had been listening to the conversation.

“Ralph I hope you don’t run your policing business that way. You must know by now that you don’t get rid of people, even ones that cause trouble.”

“But you’re living out here on your own and she doesn’t need to be putting you at risk either.”

“It isn’t like when we were growing up. These kids get on the internet and they have no idea who they’re talking to. I can’t tell either. Besides, no matter what he tells you, I didn’t shoot him. Could have, but I didn’t. Just wanted to scare the hell out of him so he would stay away.”

“Well you can’t keep trying to protect her when she doesn’t want to be protected. Now that she’s had the baby she wants to find some guy or other. You remember how that works.”

Although Angelique had been angry and shouting at Cynthia Ann to leave Robbie alone, now she was starting to worry about what she would do if Cynthia Ann did decide to get rid of her. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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