Control Alt Corruption by J.F. Klyne

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In the previous episode, Pallas gained control of a body to learn of the world he one day planned to take over. As he does so, readers decided that Darrel and his friends come across the Pallas, now inhabiting a body, who will pretend to be a transfer student.

Episode 6

The school bell rings, bringing first period to an end. Darrel and Eric step out of math class, walking side-by-side down the hall. Other students stop and stare at Darrel, seeing the metal hand, while the rest remains hidden behind a long sleeve shirt.

“I’m surprised they let you go to school with that,” Eric remarks.

“My dad called the principal and told him about it,” the young flint answers.

“Good thing you’re an honor student too,” Eric jests. “Could you imagine someone like Marcus getting away with this?”

They share a laugh as they step into the locker room for PE class. Darrel and Eric go to their usual lockers to change into their uniforms. At first, Darrel hesitates to remove his shirt, fearing to expose the gauntlet. Of course, if he does not, the gym teacher, Mr. Cask, will chew him out. Sighing, he swaps it with a blank white t-shirt, which leaves his entire arm exposed.

“Flint,” a large teen hoots from the opposite wall of lockers. “What’s with the armor? You afraid of hurting your ‘happy hand’ or something?”

Other large looking guys join the guy in a laugh. Darrel just rolls his eyes, “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, Marcus.”

He and Eric leave. In the gymnasium, they spot Alyssa speaking to another girl. Getting closer, she waves to them, and the other girl squeals happily. Before Darrel knows it, this girl has tackled him to the ground. Ignoring the pounding in the back of his head, he looks up to see the girl straddling him.

“Hi, Atlas-Baby,” the girl muses with a sweet smile.

“Atlas…” Darrel immediately recognizes the pet-name. “Wait, Alex? Is that you?”

“Uh huh,” Alex Jones answers. “I bet you’re surprised to see me looking like this.”

“Yeah, kind of,” Eric picks Alex off Darrel, “I’m pretty sure you’ve always been a guy.”

“Not anymore,” she smirks, grabbing at her chest. “I look just like Sophie Sweets.”

Darrel blushes, but asks, “Did you get a strange message too?”

“He…she…ugh,” Alyssa chimes in, but gets flustered. “Alex got it and so did I. He typed yes and became a girl. I shut my computer off, and Pallas tried to smash up my room.”

“Pallas,” Darrel gasps, “Did he—”

The conversation ends with a blow of the whistle. Immediately all the students line up against the wall. Mr. Cask marches in front of them, a red ball tucked under his arm. He eyes them like the drill instructor he never got to be, and catches sight of someone not in uniform.

“Maggot,” he barks, “Where is your gym attire?”

The person he asks is a young man at the end of the line. He dresses in a long black coat and over-sized jeans. Long, spider-web strands of white hair have been tied in a ponytail. Sunken eyes that blaze red stand against the pale complexion.

“I’m sorry,” he speaks with a slight accent, “I’m new.”

“Well then,” Mr. Cask growls, knowing he has to be nice, “Come see me after class. I’ll get you a set of clothes. Anyway, what’s your name?”

“Troy,” the boy answers, “Troy Grimm.”

“Alright then,” the teacher nods. “As I was saying maggots, time to count off. We’re playing bombardment!”

The teams are created instantly, and the players line up at the end. A treasure trove of red balls sit in the middle of the gym. At the blow of the whistle, war breaks out. Balls are sent hurtling in all directions. In the chaos, Darrel makes his best effort to dodge, ignoring any idea of throwing himself. All of a sudden, he is knocked on his backside, a red ball smashed against his face. The thrower is none other than Marcus.

“Marcus, that’s a warning,” the coach shouts at the jock. “Darrel, get up!”

Darrel is a bit dazed, sitting upright. Looking at Marcus, he thinks he is seeing things. Floating overhead is a gauge in Quest of Kings that measured the player’s Health Points. And according to the meter, that head shot took out ten-percent of his overall health. Rubbing his eyes, he looks again, but it is still there.

“Oh man, this can’t be good,” he gulps. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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