The Plight of Lavash by Gavin Ough

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In the previous episode, readers voted for both Mar-Tshi-Srin and Zhul-Quin to be thrown apart when Gremlaw hits Zhul-Quin over the back of the head.

Episode 17

In hindsight, the decision to smash a piece of wood into the back of a magician’s head while she was locked in a battle with his best friend was not the best one Gremlaw had ever made.

As soon as the powerful blow hit the Lost Ancestor’s neck, a thunderous detonation of raw energy exploded from both women. Mar-Tshi-Srin sailed across the room, landing with a crash in a pile of smashed wood from an old set of shelves.

Zhul-Quin was launched in the opposite direction, hitting the stone wall with a sickening crunch before collapsing to the floor in a boneless heap.

Gremlaw, Huleta and Neevis were thrown backwards also, though not as powerfully. The three Trathlainians regained their feet and brushed the dust from their clothing, Huleta watched in shock as her husband completely ignored his friend and crossed to the fallen Lost Ancestor.

Gremlaw grabbed a handful of Zhul-Quin’s bloodied hair and wrenched her head up, jamming his fingers into her throat to feel for a pulse,

“Still alive,” he spat and dragged the woman’s body roughly out from the wall. He started to rip sections of her clothing away and Huleta cried out,

“Grem! What are you doing?” he paused and looked across at his wife,

“I want her tied in case she wakes up.”

Neevis had made her way over to where Mar-Tshi-Srin lay, covered in dust and broken wood. She gently removed lengths of snapped and shattered shelving from her friend’s body and managed to pull back the hood which had covered her face.

A trickle of blood had run from one corner of the Lavashian woman’s mouth and her huge eyes were firmly closed.

“Marshi?” Neevis said gently, tapping at the outer corner of her eye, “Marshi, wake up.” Neevis could tell the woman lived due to her breathing, yet she was not able to rouse her.

Her parents came over after making sure Zhul-Quin was as secure as possible, Neevis looked up,

“She’s breathing but I can’t wake her up,” she told them, “What are we going to do now?” Stress and fear had begun to take their toll on the young woman and there was a tremble in her voice as she spoke.

Gremlaw considered for a moment before he spoke,

“I’d really like to just go home.” His words resonated with both wife and daughter who both smiled a little, “We’ll have to make something to carry Marshi,” he added, “Let’s have a look around.”

Staying together, the trio looked outside the room they had been in for the first time. There was an obvious trail of devastation where Mar-Tshi-Srin had made her way into the citadel, felling men and women like hewed trees.

In one corner stood a wheeled cart, looking to be in better shape than the other items in this abandoned place. They managed to get Mar-Tshi-Srin’s unconscious body onto it and prepared to leave when Huleta asked,

“What about that?” pointing to Zhul-Quin. Gremlaw shrugged,

“Leave her to die,” he said coldly.

Three people and a cart left the old citadel in the heart of Gul-Maz, only to find… Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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