The Hot Babysitter by Joe Aaron

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In the previous episode, the Sheriff realized he should be looking for a Native American woman for the robbery in Abilene. Zane was getting suspicious about Tala’s identity. And Max was becoming more desperate about winning Tala’s affections.

Episode 17

It was true, Zane was discovering, Tala was not who she was posing as. Zane sat in the stands of the rodeo arena stunned. Tala apologized, but she did try to be a good nanny to Max. And she said her feelings for him were genuine.

On some level Zane’s feelings for her were the same, but now he had to factor in this new information, and that felt like a betrayal. But he barely had time to think at all because the next thing he knew, Max was inside the rodeo arena, looking back at him and Tala.

Max had borrowed Spike’s cowboy hat and snuck onto the dirt floor of the arena. You can’t live in West Texas and not know that the most dangerous job in rodeo is bull-fighting (a.k.a. rodeo clown). The bull riding was just about to start, and without any proper clearance from the school, as soon as the first bull and rider were released, Max ran out into the middle of the arena.

“Oh my God!” Tala cried.

“Max!” Zane yelled, “Get outta there!”

The bull rider was Butch. He had held on the best he could, but did not make it to the buzzer. Once he hit the dirt, Max ran in front to the still bucking bull, trying to distract it from the injured Butch.

Max had been to countless rodeos, had seen some of the best bull-fighters do their thing many times. Even though he’d never even been this close to a bull in his life, he was proving to be a natural. The key was; don’t be afraid. Max was so pumped with adrenaline, he wasn’t… yet.

Zane rushed over, was climbing the wall when he was horrified at what he saw. One of the two horsemen had helped Butch get to the side, the other had un-strapped the bull so it would stop bucking, but he was unable to herd the bull back into the chute. Max was still vulnerable.

“Get outta there!” Zane yelled. “Get over here! NOW!”

Normally, once a bull was un-strapped, a bull-fighter would have taken refuge up onto one of the walls or gates. But Max hadn’t. So when he started running, the bull charged.

“Oh my God, NO!” Tala cried from the stands.

Zane reached down for Max who raced toward him. The bull was bearing down on him fast. The horsemen galloped toward the bull but were too far away.

Max ran as fast as he could, and was nearly to the wall when – bam! He felt the head of the bull pound him hard against his backside. The bull’s head caught Max just under his rump, and when it yanked its head up, Max’s body was thrown into the air.

Zane jumped into the arena. He and the horsemen raced towards the bull as Max landed hard with a thud onto the dirt floor. The bull was standing over Max and he was in danger of being stepped on.

“He-ya! Get outta there,” Zane yelled at the bull, smacking his rear with his hand. Finally, the bull started trotting, following the horsemen back to the chute. Zane knelt next to Max who was out cold.

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