Loan Some by Megan McLachlan

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In the previous episode, Vera was brought in for police questioning pertaining to Marta’s disappearance. As suggested by the readers, Vera provided her actual name instead of her Loan Some pseudonym.

Episode 36

“Vera. Vera Gunnett.” The burly mammoth of a police officer looked up from his notes, his eyebrow raised in a perplexed manner. The bright light in the room caused his “Hartman” officer tag to shine its reflection directly in Vera’s face. “Vera?” he said. “I thought your name was Amy Dunne.” Vera knew she couldn’t lie. Even if it went against Marta’s confidentiality agreement, she couldn’t pretend to be someone else in front of a cop. She’d rather pay a hefty fine than spend time in jail.

“Funny story. I was actually hired by Marta to appear at her party. I work for a company called Loan Some.” Vera went on to explain the whole story, how she went from mild-mannered, unemployed librarian to Loan Some agent to the lonely and up-and-comers wishing to keep up with the Joneses. After she went through her entire spiel, she looked up to see the policeman’s stone-cold face, completely unaffected by her story. “You don’t believe me?” Officer Hartman spoke into the recording device–verifying the date, time, and participants–before clicking off the recorder, the punch of the button echoing in the room. “No,” he said. “I’m just wondering if you do appearances at the Policeman/Fireman’s Ball. Some of our guys have trouble finding dates.”

“We do. I can give you my card.” “Great.” He got up from his chair, it once again letting out a squeal. “I’ll call your boss to verify your story. I didn’t think you were guilty anyway.” “Why not?” For some reason, Vera suddenly felt offended he had never suspected her, as if she didn’t have it in her to put together an elaborate kidnapping plan. “Let’s put it this way. Once a librarian, always a librarian. There’s a reason why you people go into that profession. You like it quiet.” He had a point. “Do you have to tell Celeste and everyone about Loan Some? I signed a confidentiality agreement, and I would hate for Marta to be embarrassed when she turns up.” “I won’t tell Celeste anything she doesn’t need to know.” He opened the door of the interrogation room to let Vera out. “As for Marta, I think you mean if she turns up.”


Vera decided to stop by Marta’s place on her way home. When she pulled up in her car, yellow police tape covered the door frame of Marta’s apartment, even though the police were no longer there. After getting out of the car, Vera explored the area around the brownstone’s front stoop, since she wasn’t allowed in past the yellow tape. She couldn’t find anything unusual. Not that she really expected to find all the answers, but she hoped retracing last night might refresh her memory and help bring to light anything out of the ordinary. Just then, she heard a noise coming from the brownstone. Someone was inside. Hiding behind a nearby dumpster, Vera peered out to see someone bypassing the yellow tape and coming out of Marta’s apartment. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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