The Raven Haired Rogue

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In the previous episode, Zach spoke with Merinda in an effort to learn more about Saturn, the dog, so they could find him. After an informative discussion, readers decided Zach should start looking for him in parks.

Episode 5

Looking at Saturn’s little dog area I decide that the dog part of him must overwhelm his non-dog side.

“HARV, where’s the nearest park?” I ask.

“HTech’s new and improved Golden Gate Park,” HARV says pointing out the window. “It’s only a few blocks away. It is a very fine park. It even has a museum and an aquarium.” HARV morphs into the animated image of a green park, there are people walking to and fro. “This is a live image of the park now from satellite data. No sign of Saturn, of course it might be hard to identify a specific dog from this height. There are no security cameras or drones since the park is designated a low technology zone. Even PI-Pods must be put on mute.” HARV shivers a little. He shakes his head. “I still don’t quite comprehend the need for such places…”

“Sometimes we humans want breaks to collect our thoughts and commune with nature. It makes us feel closer to our ancestors,” I say. “We need to tune out the electronic noise.”

I look at Merinda. “We’re going to check out Golden Gate Park. I’ll let you know if we find him. I assume you will contact us if he returns here.”

Merinda nods. “Of course.” She leans forward then hugs me and I gotta admit, I like it. “Zach, I really appreciate this.”

I pull back and look her in those eyes. “I just hope you feel the same way when you get my bill.”

Merinda smiles.

Carol, HARV and I head out of the room.


We arrive at the north entrance of the Golden Gate Park. It’s a wide open green space dotted with a few park benches. Red brick walking paths neatly dissect all the green spots. Assorted people are sitting, standing and just hanging out. A couple of kids are flying kites. A bunch of teens are kicking a soccer ball back and forth. A young father is hitting a baseball to his kids. A few couples are sitting having a picnic lunch.

“There is a nice pond, 821 meters to the south,” HARV says as we stroll through the park. “That is a very popular hang out spot here.”

As we walk I scan the area for dogs. There are a lot of them. I guess when you have a city where green space is sparse it’s to be expected that owners want to bring their pets to the most natural place possible.

“There are a lot of dogs here,” I say.

HARV looks at me. “Zach, I’ve counted thirty three dogs within a 100 meter radius. None of them match Saturn’s description. This park covers 2017 acres. Searching it manually for a small moving dog is going to prove most difficult. Not as difficult as, say, finding a needle in a haystack.” HARV rubs his chin. “I would more equate the difficulty level to finding a baseball bat in a haystack that is moving.” HARV shakes his head. “What I am trying to say is currently our finding him would be more of a matter of luck than of skill.”

Yeah, I’m not one to rely on luck. Not that I have anything against luck. It’s just when I’m on a case I find most of my luck is bad.

I look at Carol. “Have you picked up any thoughts that might be from Saturn?” I ask.

Carol takes a deep breath and then another. She closes her eyes. Another deep breath. She opens her eyes. “No” she says softly. “Though it’s really hard to filter out all the ambient human thoughts.”

“Dogs hear things differently than humans. Right?” I say to HARV.

HARV nods. “Yes, they can detect a far greater range of sounds.”

Okay, I figure I have a couple of options. We can take advantage of Saturn being a dog and slightly psionic. We can let him know Merinda is worried about him and we are looking for him. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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  1. It’s good to read a story where HARV is fully functional. The mention of Golden Gate Park brings back many memories. In the mid-1970s, I lived in an apartment across the street from the east end of the park, at the corner of Stanyan and Oak, right where the panhandle meets the park.



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