The Plight of Lavash

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In the previous episode, Huleta and Neevis are once again being held hostage by two Lost Ancestors as Gremlaw faces off with Zhul-Quin. At her mercy, readers voted for Mar-Tshi-Srin to burst in, using her own magic to knock out the Lost Ancestor.

Episode 15

Huleta and Neevis screamed and cried into the filthy, cloth rags tied around their faces, straining and struggling against the ropes which held them, while tears poured down their faces.

Zhul-Quin was in a sublime state of near ecstasy as the cries echoed around the stone chamber, reverberating in her ears and making her shiver.

She placed her index finger on the chest of the filthy Trathlainian hanging before her, shooting pulses of raw, cutting power into his body. Her lip curled in a sneer as he groaned and his body tried to twist away from the pain. Zhul-Quin knew it must feel as if his heart and lungs were being minced inside his chest.

Grayness crept over Gremlaw’s vision as the Lost Ancestor magician made him feel as if his legs were on fire, and he welcomed the release that unconsciousness would bring.

Zhul-Quin had other ideas, however, and ceased her punishment when she noticed his eyes become unfocused and jaw slacken.

Gremlaw hung, supported by the chains and shackles which bit into his wrists, panting as the burning heat drained from his lower half. Zhul-Quin stood before him with her hands on her hips and her head canted at an angle.

“I expect you want to know why I am doing this to you?” She stated in a pleasant voice, as if she had not tortured him to the point of fainting. Gremlaw could only grunt in response.

“I was just a little girl when you managed to get my father taken into custody,” her voice had changed, sounding as if she had gone back in time to become that youngster, “I never saw him again, thanks to you!” Zhul-Quin screamed the final word so loudly it echoed around the hall for a few seconds.

“I heard what the emperor did to him, though,” she spoke in Trathlainian so Gremlaw’s wife and daughter could understand also. “First, he was whipped until the tattoos came off his back.” Her lip quivered, “My poor father, whipped like a common criminal. Once he had endured that, they put him in a cage suspended in one of the public areas of that palace.” Zhul-Quin spat the final word in hatred.

“He hung there for a week, allowed only enough water to keep him alive while the population pelted him with rotting fruit and feces.” In an almost childish gesture, Zhul-Quin pulled Neevis’ hair, making her flinch and squeak.

“Once he had endured that,” she continued, “He was taken to the imperial menagerie. There are beasts from the rivers and lakes of Qual-Vit,” Zhul-Quin spoke of a hot country on the northern border of Lavash, “Fish which can strip the flesh from a living man.” She looked deep into Gremlaw’s eyes as she continued, “He was suspended over one of these pools, hanging by his wrists, and slowly lowered into the water. They painted pictures of it.”

Zhul-Quin moved before Gremlaw again and screamed into his face,


She was about to unleash more pain on Gremlaw when a crash resounded from outside and the door burst open.

“Zhul…” The burly man from before managed before hitting the floor and not moving. Zhul-Quin’s eyes widened as Mar-Tshi-Srin strode into the room, her hands twisted into claws.

Gremlaw had never seen his Lavashian friend angry before, yet the mask of cold rage she wore twisted her face into something frightening.

Without even speaking, Mar-Tshi-Srin launched herself at Zhul-Quin and grasped her head.

The Lost Ancestor screamed in pure agony.

“Die you bitch!” Mar-Tshi-Srin spat in Lavashian. Zhul-Quin stiffened as her mind was invaded by the other magician. It was a short-lived effect, however as the Lost Ancestor brought her own hands down to lock onto Mar-Tshi-Srin’s shoulders and it was her turn to scream. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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