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In the previous episode… It had been two weeks since Angelique left the hospital and had brought the baby to Cynthia’s. As suggested by the readers, Angelique has left open the question of going to Tennessee to live with her mother and her sister.

Episode 14

Cynthia Ann had hauled out of the barn a cobweb-covered cradle that had been used years before for her own children. She had sanded the cradle down and re-finished it with a maple stain and polished it until it shone. Filled with a new thin mattress and aqua sheet, the cradle was rocked by Angelique’s hand. Most times, the creak of the cradle on the uneven wood floor would put the baby to sleep within moments, and Angelique would sigh.

In the mornings Angelique would wake up and sit at the table drinking coffee and cry. Cynthia Ann would just say “Hush” and “It will pass.”

“Easy for you to say. Your babies had a father. Not little Chuck.”

“Never that simple. Some of the time they had a father but not the rest. And I had five.”

“Well this little guy’s father never even knew I was pregnant.”

“Whose fault was that?”

“How was I supposed to know his deal would go bad and Chuck would disappear?”

“Did you both plan to have a baby?”

“You don’t care what you say to anybody, do you?” Angelique shot back before tears flowed and sobs became uncontrollable, the baby awoke and started crying.

Cynthia Ann shook her head and stood up. “Sometimes it’s what you need to hear, but not what you want to hear.” She picked up the coffee cups and put them in the sink. Then she went over and picked up the baby from the cradle and handed him to Angelique, placing a cloth over her shoulder.

Then Cynthia Ann went back to an old computer on a whitewashed stand that sat in the corner of the living room. Each morning she would check on the latest messages from clients in her email. Within minutes she was back standing in front of Angelique and the baby with her arms crossed in front of her, her face like a thundercloud.

“What?” asked Angelique warily.

“Not in my house you don’t,” Cynthia Ann began. “You can’t use my computer to fish for men. What did you think you were you doing in the middle of the night?”

“I got up with the baby and the baby was awake for a while and wouldn’t settle down. I was just on Facebook for a couple of minutes,” Angelique replied as tears started to run down her cheeks again.

“Do you understand that you just had a baby and your body is barely recovering? I know they talked to you about that before you left the hospital. I know they wrote down a list of instructions for you. No sex until after your follow-up visit. What did you think you were doing in the middle of the night, talking to ‘Robbie’ about the positions your legs would be in when you had sex with him? And giving him my address? My address!! This man could be a chain saw killer or any number of other things. You know absolutely nothing about him. You tell him you like his photo. I could put up Marilyn Monroe’s photo and claim that was me. So you want to have sex a couple of weeks after this baby is born and you put me at risk, not to mention your baby. Here I thought you were working on being a mother to little Chuck, but NO! You are already out looking for trouble. I have no idea what thoughts fly through your head.”

Angelique had never seen Cynthia Ann so mad. Angelique’s face flushed and she just stared at Cynthia Ann as the baby sucked at her breast and tears kept coming.

“Now I am asking you! What were you thinking? I want a straight answer! Why were you talking to this Robbie, the one I assume you have never met?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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