Love Spells

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In the previous episode… Cynthia Ann was about to walk into the room with Angelique and her roommate at the moment two security guards were escorting Angelique’s mother from the room, one on each side with hands firmly around each of her arms, just as the readers had suspected. Both Angelique and the baby were crying.

Episode 13

Angelique’s mother saw Cynthia Ann and began, “I bet she lets you hold the baby. He’s not your grandbaby you know! You evil woman with your spells! Don’t you put a curse on that baby.” Then she spat at Cynthia Ann, saliva hitting the tile floor rather than Cynthia’s clean blue work shirt. The woman continued cursing and flailing between the security guards as they led her all the way to the elevator.

Cynthia Ann stepped around the spot of saliva on the floor and into the room. Angelique was wailing, “Why did they let her in here? They are supposed to be checking who comes in. She is one who would steal a baby.”

“She is your mother. That’s all she needed to get in.”

“Was my mother. Before she left,” sniffled Angelique.

“What the hell happened?”

“Did you get close enough to smell her? She’s drunk. Cheap whiskey.”

“Yes, I did pick that up.”

“And she’s a freak. A baby stealer. She loves babies. She’s always got her arms out for babies. She says babies don’t talk back. She looks for something to love her back. And pets.” Angelique was wiping her cheek with the back of her hand and settling the baby back at her breast. “You wouldn’t believe how many pets she had. Kittens and puppies and iguanas and gerbils and actual rats and lizards and frogs and toads and a green anaconda. Animals love her. She took care of everything but me.”

“Well chicklet, even after you tried to shoot her, she did come to see you. What did she want?”

“The baby. She wants to hold the baby. And she wants to steal him. She wants to take the baby back to Tennessee. And oh, by the way, me too.”

Cynthia Ann sighed. She had settled into the one chair next to Angelique’s bed, close enough to hear the suckling sounds of the baby. She was quiet for several moments. Finally she said, “In my experience, you probably got a raw deal all around, but she will always be your mother. More or less. And you might have to come to peace with that now that you are a mother yourself, albeit a young ‘un.”

Cynthia Ann went on, “You have some decisions to make about your life and about the baby.” She asks the sniffling Angelique, “When you are ready, I could take you up to Tennessee in the truck. Do you want to go live with your mother and sister?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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