Love Spells

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In the previous episode… Calming her new baby down, Angelique wrapped the striped blanket tighter around the baby and clutched him to her chest. Then she challenged her mother again about what had happened to her sister, Brittany. Her mother said, “Let me hold the baby and then I will tell you.”

Episode 12

“Not on your life, but you better tell me.”

“Or what? Or I tell the police about how you shot at me? How much did the baby weigh?”

“Nothing, nothing about this baby is your business. Can you understand that? Where is Brittany.”

“His father is somebody named Chuck too, right?”


“She is in Tennessee.”


“About 40 miles from nowhere. At the edge of the mountains and it’s beautiful.”


“Aunt Laura thought you had gone to Nashville.”

“Well, that didn’t exactly work out. “


“You know I never liked my family very much. So it turns out you can pick your family and I found a new one.


“We all help each other. We home school the kids. We live in an old farm house and the barn and we grow what sells.”

“Whatever. That sounds like you.”

“You’re a fine one to talk, missy. Don’t think you can criticize me. Laura says that’s how your boyfriend disappeared down here.”

“None of your business.”

“But now there’s a baby. I came to take you back with me. You will like the family. We’re going to get a record contract one of these days. And Brittany will be so glad to see you. She doesn’t know about the baby yet or that I came to see you. Leroy makes sure everybody is taken care of. And Sylvia, she’s about your age. And Janice. She’s everybody’s mother. She will love the baby. Everybody will love the baby.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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