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And so we leave the small yellow house in Florida with questions. Does Angelique’s mother leave or insist on talking to her daughter? Does she try to take Angelique with her? Does law enforcement get involved? Is Angelique charged with assault or attempted murder? And does Angelique ever find Chuck?

Episode 11

We left Angelique a little privacy for laboring and birthing her baby in a small community hospital in Florida. The baby had come two weeks early and it was not at all the way Angelique thought it would be. On television and in the movies there was always a lot of screaming but it was over in a half hour.

Angelique had started with a backache around midnight one night. Cynthia Ann had gotten her a hot water bottle, propped her up on the sofa, and turned on an old black and white movie. She told Angelique they would wait a while until her water broke or the pains got closer. Angelique argued it was her back and probably just the baby with a foot wedged in her kidneys. Slowly the backache got worse. Her water had not broken but by dawn Cynthia Ann had finally packed up Angelique into the old pickup truck. Late that afternoon, a nurse kept telling Angelique to keep pushing, that the baby’s head wasn’t far enough along yet for her to call the doctor. This went on for what seemed like hours until finally Angelique screamed at the nurse, “Do something!”

Eight pounds two ounces the boy she had been expecting was delivered after her belly was slashed open when the baby’s head >wouldn’t fit. Staples. IV drugs. Pain. Floating. She was still sleepy and a little teary when the nurse came about the birth certificate. Cynthia Ann had gone home to get a shower.

“Baby’s name.”


“Do you mean Charles?”

“No I mean his name is Chuck.”


“I guess.”



“What should I put for a middle name,” the nurse said.

“I don’t know it,” Angelique answered.

“You can pick anything. Well what is your father’s name? Maybe that will do?”

“No chance in hell that will happen.”

“You could just use an initial then.”

“Okay Chuck A. Cooper.”

Two days later, the IV had been removed. Angelique was sore but curled up in bed nursing baby Chuck. The young woman in the room with her was also a single mother, but she had people in and out all the time to see her. The nurse had sent a lactation specialist to see her and still she kept saying the baby wasn’t cooperating. Angelique was proud that her baby had latched on to her breast the first time as if he knew exactly what to do. She felt good about doing something well. His small swaddled body was warm next to hers and for moments at a time, she felt almost perfectly happy. A shadow fell across the opening in the door to the hall before a figure appeared. Angelique barely noticed, but then she shrieked. The baby fell away from her breast and began to cry. Then Angelique was crying. The woman in the other bed pressed the button for the nurse.

“You stop that now. Let me just pick him up for a minute and get him settled down,” Angelique’s mother cooed, leaning over her and the baby.

The nurse stepped into the doorway and asked what was going on. Her mother stated the obvious, that Angelique was surprised by the visit. Her mother sent the nurse away, telling her how amazing it was to see her grandchild.

“What? What? How did you get in here?” Angelique’s voice was rising.

“How do you think? I’m your mother. This is my grandchild and I want to hold him.”

“Oh that’s just fucking great. Now you decide to be a mother. A grandmother. Who do you think you are?”

“Don’t you curse at me young lady. I’m the woman you tried to shoot. The one who didn’t press charges against her very pregnant daughter.”

“What, with Cynthia Ann’s cousin the sheriff? You think he was going to arrest me?”

“What’s the matter with you anyway? Girls don’t shoot their mothers.”

“That would be assuming you were a mother. Where were you when I was growing up? Now you want to go all sentimental over this little guy. You’re not getting your hands on him. Not for a minute. He has nothing to do with you. And you know what I really want to know from you? I want to know what you have done with my sister. Where is Brittany?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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