Contract of the Dark

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In the previous episode, Mother helped free Necros from his prison and he proceeded to assault Fantassa and Aaron. The pair finally find a way to fight back and when the attack eventually pulls back, readers voted that Necros did in fact survive, however he is severely injured.

Episode 17

The lights flicker on again, the backup generator pumps electricity through the dead circuits in the lab. Raphael watches the luminescence overhead shine their white glow onto the horrific sculpture he has carved. A forest of metallic spikes has sprouted from every direction, consuming the body of Necros in the depths of its steel thorns. The silvery floor has been painted red with the blood of the karayan. No doubt he is nothing more than a corpse. The mad scientist stands still for a moment to appreciate his creation, unable to contain a smirk.

That reassuring smile of his fades when the iron maiden begins to melt. From inside the metal attack, something stirs, causing the sharpened thorns to decay, rotting holes. Like a caterpillar pushing through its cocoon, Necros returns to the world. The horrid karayan falls from the pit, splashing into the pool of his own blood. He lets out a sickening groan, but does not get up. He only writhes on the floor.

“H-He’s still alive,” Raphael says, despair draining the color from his face. “It c-can’t be.”

Aaron rushes over to the petrified Fantassa. He points to Necros, “Wait. Look! His wounds…”

“…They’re not regenerating,” Raphael observes, his fear becoming curiosity.

He approaches the body, seeing that Necros is completely covered in holes. Although some have begun to heal, the pace is excruciatingly slower than before. The remainder simply lay open, bleeding what little fluids he has left in his ragged body. Seeing he is being watched, Necros tries to get to his feet. He falls. A hole through his heart fails to pump life’s liquid to his joints. A hole through his brain fails to send the signals to his limbs. He is nothing more than a living corpse now.

“No,” he groans, managing to claw at the ground. “How can this be happening?”

“It appears your regenerative powers do have their limits,” Raphael states, squatting to get a closer look while his adversary writhes in pain.

“No,” Necros moans from the pain, “Mother made me perfect. I’m immortal!”

The weakened karayan tries to grab Raphael’s leg, hoping to rot it to the bone. His hand reaches out for the limb, but the scientist steps on it. The heel of his boot digs into the back of the palm, bones crunching loudly under his foot. Necros lets out a cry, and tries to pull away. Fantassa twists his heel into the hand, causing every nerve to send painful joints up the karayan’s body.

“Hardly,” the scientist chuckles, “You are mortal like the rest of us. Don’t worry; I’m not going to kill you just yet…”

“You can’t be serious!” Aaron jumps in, protesting the idea. “After everything we were just put through, you still want him alive?”

“For the time being, yes,” Raphael admits. “A living karayan does us more good than a dead one. He can tell us more about this Mother character.”

“I will never tell you,” Necros spits, still trying to pull his hand free.

“I didn’t think so,” Fantassa sighs. “Well I do have more uses for you than just information. After all, you did destroy an arm and leg. I could always use a replacement…”    Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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