Contract of the Dark

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In the previous episode, Mother inhabits Rune’s body and, while Raphael and Aaron speak to one another, readers voted for Necros to break free from his prison then attack them both.

Episode 16

In the research facility, Raphael and Aaron continue to argue over the captured karayan, Necros. Fantassa insists on keeping him captive for research purposes, Fellmind demands that he be destroyed, being such a threatening force to them. Neither yields on their decision, and the bickering continues. While they converse, a strange cloud of violet gas lingers through the air. The queer mist is thin, barely visible by the naked eye, only seen when the light refracts off it. Stranger still is that the gas does not simply float aimlessly through the empty space. It appears to have a destination, swirling around the glass tube that houses Necros, creating an eerie vortex.

Wake up my child…

The sweet voice calls to him, barely above a whisper. Only the still karayan can hear the motherly words. As he floats, his fingers twitch, life returning to him.

You are needed…

His entire body stirs this time. Bubbles slip from his mouth, around the breathing apparatus that masks the bottom part of his face.

Mother is waiting…

Necros awakens. His gaze burns like twin infernos. The water boils around him, forming a veil of bubbles that consume him entirely. Limbs can be seen flashing from inside the tank, as he rips the wires that inject nutrients into him. At last Raphael notices the commotion and tries to stop his test subject from escaping. He rushes to the tube, only to have the glass shatter upon him, shards tearing at his flesh. A rush of water sweeps him away, knocking him into Aaron. Several slashes leave blood in the water, but he is otherwise unharmed. Getting to his feet, he looks to find Necros free.

“Thank you for the brief sleep,” Necros mocks him, the apparatus still clinging to his face. His voice muffled, giving it a metallic tone. “But Mother needs you dead…”

Like a lion free from its cage, he charges at them. Rags at his waist cling to him, yet the ends sprinkle droplets of water as he runs closer. Necros sets his eyes on Raphael, the one Mother ordered to have killed in the first place. The mad scientist tries to get away, but being wet causes his false leg to short-circuit. Its circuitry is stunned, leaving a heavy burden to bring him down. He falls flat on his stomach, helpless as Necros grabs hold.

The moment he touches the arm, the karayan power causes Raphael’s wrist to rot to nothing but bone. Unable to pull free, Raphael screams from the pain as his nerves decay. The power climbs up his arm, destroying every tissue it can reach. Before it can go any further, Aaron leaps behind Necros, both hands clasping the sides of his head. Necros tries to shake Fellmind off of him, but he holds firm. An electric shock courses through Necros’ mind. The attack completely fries his brain, and the karayan collapses.

“Thanks,” Raphael smirks, pulling his skeletal arm off of his body. “We have to get out of here. He’ll be back on his feet soon enough.”

“Sooner than you think,” Necros answers, already regenerating the damaged cells.

Staying flat on the floor, his hand digs into the back of his own neck. Fingers bury underneath the skin, flesh rotting away to leave his spine exposed. Aaron and Raphael back away cautiously as they watch him rip out each vertebra. Each one comes tearing out of his body, yet a new bone is already growing back to replace the others. The torn vertebrae remain connected, as tendon grows over them. Flesh covers the wound as he rips out his tailbone lastly. Returning to his feet, he holds some sort of skeletal weapon in his hands.

An evil grin crosses his face, “Mother made me special compared to my brothers and sisters. My regenerative abilities far exceed any of my kind.”

He swings his removed spine over his head. The vertebrae separate from the rotating force, but remain together by the tendons, extending the weapon into a whip. He attacks Aaron, but does not have the reach to hit the boy. When the tailbone tip of the whip touches the floor, the metal corrodes as if thousands of years have passed by in a second. All that is left is a rusted hole where the weapon had struck. Necros cannot help but smile more. He shrugs off the misfire, taking delight in the horrified stares his foes both have. He steps closer, flaunting the whip, striking the floor as he moves, leaving behind rotted holes.

“Run,” Raphael says, as he tries to hobble away.

The two of them try to escape, but Necros hits Raphael’s false leg, causing it to corrode up to the knee, bringing him down. He rolls over to see the fearsome karayan standing over him. Necros appears to take enjoyment in toying with his prey. He strikes the ground just beside Fantassa’s head, and then hits the other side, causing him to flinch.

Aaron gets far enough away, as he notices a large switch on the opposite side of the room. It is an old-fashioned lever that holds a sign overhead that reads Emergency Power Shutoff. Knowing that Alpha, or rather Raphael’s power only works in darkness, he lunges for the switch. Only a few seconds will save the scientist’s life, so he has to make the most of it. Pulling with all his strength, he manages to flip the switch, but nothing happens. Aaron looks back, watching Necros prepare to deal the lethal strike.

“Say goodbye,” the karayan mocks as he reels back his weapon to attack.

Darkness swarms around them, leaving the room blanketed in black. Only three sets of the crimson karayan eyes illuminate the otherwise shadowed abyss. Even without his sight, Raphael knows what to do. Melding the metals around him, he attacks Necros from all sides. The walls, floor, and ceilings all take the shape of thin spikes. The whip breaks and corrodes a number, but there are far too many to stop. He becomes consumed in the iron maiden, as they pierce his body. Blood spills onto the ground.

Smiling from ear to ear, Raphael says, “Goodbye.”     Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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