Contract of the Dark

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In the previous episode, Rune accepted Drekken’s offer to join the Dark Side while Aaron chose to run. Once in the Mother figures lair, readers voted that she opt to accept Mother’s gift of darkness but try to escape.

Episode 15

Long shadowy fingers linger toward Rune, gauging a reaction from the girl. The child of Alpha remains perfectly still as Mother’s touch draws closer. The being of darkness thinks her too frightened to step away, but finds something different when she looks into the eyes of the karayan girl. Her blood-red gaze is met with a confident crimson stare. Rune has pushed her fears aside, humbly waiting to accept the contract. She is more than willing to accept the gift from the Mother of Shadows.

“A brave girl,” Mother muses.

Her hand touches Rune’s forehead, and the girl tenses. An icy feel courses through her veins, as if freezing her blood. She suddenly hears the chorus of a thousand cries. The sound of men moaning in pain and women wailing for death fills her mind with a deafening roar. It is too much for her as she falls to her knees, crying uncontrollably. The freezing chill continues to overcome her very being. She feels brittle, like the slightest touch would cause her to shatter like glass.

“Be calm, child of Alpha,” Mother chuckles to herself, looking down on the whimpering girl. “It will all be over soon enough…”

The woeful screams become even louder, resonating with her frozen core, echoing the sound all throughout her body. It is too much to bear. Rune wants to escape. Escape the pain, escape the screaming, escape everything. Lost in the whirlwind of her own mind, she does not know what to do.

Do you wish to be free?

Rune cries out, “Who is there?”

Let me in, and I will save you…

“Yes,” she begs, “Please, oh please, let me escape.”

She is saved by a swarm of darkness. It floods her thoughts, drowning the screaming. Silence becomes her companion. Shadows continue to course through her body, soothing the chilling pain. Peace overtakes her. Rune is free, from everything.

You are safe, rest now, child…

“Thank you,” Rune says, falling into the depths of her own consciousness to sleep, to be safe.

You are safe, child, rest now…so that I may take what I desire!

With her mind and soul lost in the darkness of peace, all that is left of Rune is an empty shell of a body. Mother seizes it, wrapping her arms around the husk, her shadowy flesh sinking into the pores. Her ethereal body is slowly absorbed by the flesh and bone. All around her, the thousands of eyes watch as their precious Mother disappears into the girl’s body. And then, Rune awakens.

The whites of her eyes have become black like the pits of the abyss. Her stare is cold with a blood-red glow, looking like crimson rings. From absorbing the shadows, her body has become taller and more womanly, but no drastic changes. Although her childish high school uniform seems to be a bit more snug than before.

“What did you do to Mother?” Drekken barks, both frightened and infuriated.

He reaches for his wires when his body freezes, disobeying his own command. Rune watches him, her eyes shifting as his limbs swing awkwardly around. It is as if she is the one pulling the strings of the Puppet Meister.

“Foolish child,” she smiles, her voice being a harmonization of Rune and Mother. “Did you think that the child of Alpha could harm me?”

“M-Mother?” he asks, dumbfounded while his arms are hanging out at his sides.

“Indeed, sweet child,” she observes her possessed body, “Though I believe humans would use the phrase in the flesh in this situation.”


“That’s the one that took your leg?” Aaron shoots an angry stare. “Why haven’t you gotten rid of him yet?”

“Relax,” Raphael reassured him. “He is in suspended animation, neither alive nor dead. Besides, his regenerative powers are quite an interesting subject to study.”

Aaron looks back at Necros’ body with a worried look, “Do you at least know how to kill him?”

“Nope,” Raphael is sadly blunt about it, strolling over to his table and grabbing a packet of notes. “He is able to regrow anything I destroy. Even his vital organs come back, though they take longer than limbs.”

“Have you thought of just obliterating the entire body?” the young Fellmind asks.

“And lose such a wonderful test subject?” Fantassa objects.

Aaron seems irritated, barking, “What if he escapes!”

“I keep telling you, he won’t,” the scientist says with a confident smile. 


“Such a beautiful sight,” a soft coo escapes the lips of the karayan girl. “Is this what humans have created since my last time on the surface?”

“Indeed, Mother,” Drekken answers, standing beside her. “They call them skyscrapers.”

The two of them hang off the edge of the Empire State Building, watching the sunset dip over the horizon, and darkness taking over the city. The Mother-Possessed Rune hugs her legs, gazing down at the lights of the world below. For a moment, she looks innocent. Her eyes are wide with awe, mesmerized by what mankind has achieved. Yet, like a candle against a hurricane, it is quickly snuffed out. Her cold gaze shifts over the humans that pass under her like ants.

“These skyscrapers,” she mutters to himself, “We can use them as tomb markers for the human race…”   Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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