The Plight of Lavash

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In the previous episode, Gremlaw refused the Empire’s request for him to be Trathlainian Ambassador. Not long after returning home, he received news that his wife and daughter had been kidnapped. In response to this news, readers voted that he visit Marshi to find out what she thinks of the situation.

Episode 5

“Who took them?” Gremlaw demanded of the young man, shaking him as if he could release the answers. Tolmoran’s great, half-Lavashian eyes widened at this rough treatment and Gremlaw immediately let go of his arm, “I’m sorry, Tolmoran, none of this is your fault.” The older man apologized. Gremlaw felt suddenly nauseous and his entire f­­rame trembled as the implications of his family’s kidnapping began to set in. Neurons fired across the surfaces of his brain and a theory began to form. “DeLarouge!” He growled.

“Sorry?” The hybrid Trathlainian-Lavashian asked. Gremlaw stared into his round, lupine-yellow eyes, the boiling, hate-fueled rage he now felt making the younger man flinch,

“Argrotiern DeLarouge! This is exactly the kind of underhanded tactics his father used to use.” Grinding his teeth in rage, Gremlaw’s fists clenched and opened as if he could throttle the young duke remotely.

“No! Sir!” Tolmoran shouted as the older man stalked off to find a horse in order to race towards the duke, “My father has a pair of witnesses to the abduction.” Gremlaw halted mid-stride and turned, with a vicious grin on his face and snarled,

“Then I’ll go and see your mother,” shocking the young man.

Commander Dornoyen, head of the DeLarouge household guard, stood at attention in the duke’s chambers after delivering his report concerning the two men who had come forward saying they had seen Gremlaw’s wife and daughter being taken. Argrotiern DeLarouge, duke of Palandine, sat wrapped in a dark purple woolen cloak, nursing a crystal glass; his dark hair had fallen forward obscuring his features,

“Double the guards posted,” the duke said in a barely audible voice, “When he comes, try not to hurt him.” He added cryptically.

“Yes, your Grace,” Dornoyen replied automatically before asking in a puzzled tone, “When who comes?” Argrotiern leaned back, allowing his long hair to fall back, revealing his face which had turned quite pale,

“Gremlaw, Dornoyen. When Gremlaw comes for me.” The duke threw back his head, draining the contents of his glass, “Have no doubt he will assume I have had a hand in the abduction of his women,” he looked up, into the eyes of the Commander, “You are familiar with my father’s treatment of his kin?” Dornoyen nodded sharply, “Suffice it to say Gremlaw has a similar opinion of me, despite my polar opposition to my father’s techniques.”

Faint green lines outlined the world to Gremlaw’s eyes as he galloped the suffering horse through the cold, sparsely populated streets of Palandine, steering the frightened mount unerringly through the spaces in between objects and people. Flashes of horror filled faces, eyes wide with the shock of almost being ridden down, barely registered as he streaked through the streets like a maniac.

Mar-Tshi-Srin, or Marshi as she chose to become once in Trathlain, lived in the varicolored semi-tent her mother had shared with her stepfather. She came to the entrance of the home she now shared with her husband, Dornoyen, son Tolmoran, and youngest daughter Salmira in a state of surprise, obviously not used to having unexpected visitors. Her massive, Lavashian eyes managed to somehow get wider as she noted Gremlaw stood without her doorway,

“Grem?” She cried, taking in the look on his face, “Is something wrong?” Her arms reached reflexively forward as Gremlaw’s face crumpled, tears forming as he stepped towards the only woman, except Huleta, he felt able to share his feelings with. Marshi ushered him into her home, pausing for him to change his boots into a pair of the silken slippers custom dictated be worn inside.

“Someone’s taken them, Marshi,” Gremlaw said in an unsteady voice, shaking as he did so, “Huleta and my baby girl.” The Lavashian woman looked shocked as her son entered, finally managing to catch up to the crazed man. She looked towards Tolmoran before comforting Gremlaw once more,

“We will find them, my friend,” she reassured, “We will find them.” Gremlaw’s haunted eyes turned to meet her own,

“Two men saw what happened,” he told her in a hoarse voice, “I need you to show me what they saw.” Marshi flinched, snatching her hand away as if he had stung her.

“No Gremlaw,” she whispered, “That is something I will not do.”

“Please, Marshi, if I ever meant anything to you, please do this for me?” Gremlaw actually dropped onto his knees, grasping her hands and begging the woman, bringing tears to her own eyes. Marshi looked away, a pained expression on her face as she said,

“I swore I would never use my power again, Grem, swore to myself and my husband I wouldn’t ever use it again.” She looked into his gray eyes almost able to feel the pain in them and her heart melted.

Dornoyen felt a jolt of shock as his diminutive wife led Gremlaw directly into the ducal palace, flanked by several of his guards,

“Mishu…what…?” He trailed off, noticing her expression.

“I need to see the two men who saw his wife and daughter, my husband.” She stated simply in reply.

“Why?” Her husband wondered, still alert for any sudden movement from Gremlaw.

“To find out what they know.” Dornoyen’s eyes widened as he realized her intent.

“You would go back on your word?” He asked, “For him?” Mishu moved across to her husband laying a hand on his chest, she whispered,

“You know what he did for me. Reuniting me with my mother after so many years apart, stopping me from being used as a weapon,” her eyes became imploring, “I have to help if I can, love.” Dornoyen felt torn between his loyalty to the duke and loyalty to his wife. Groaning, he turned towards Gremlaw,

“Do I have your word you have no evil intent towards his Grace?” He asked.

“Not for now.” Gremlaw spat shortly, Dornoyen nodded to his wife and led them to where the witnesses had been offered a hearty meal and bed for a night.   Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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