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As the readers suggested, it was too much temptation for Angelique to stay away from her mother. Angelique did, in fact, decide to stay and face her mother.

Episode 9

For Angelique, facing her mother didn’t mean what it might have meant for other girls. She had heard Ashley yell at her mother, and her mother yell back. But Angelique had grown up without a mother most of her life, so no mother to yell at. Angelique was convinced it all had to be somebody’s fault. Her being locked up. A ward of the court. Besides, her own mother and her father had both agreed to Angelique being locked up. And then Chuck disappearing. Nothing about the world was fair, she would say to Cynthia, who would ask, whoever told her it was. They could go back and forth like that for a while, but neither changed the mind of the other.

Some girls who hadn’t seen their mothers for five years might have been curious or excited or anxious. Pregnant and without Chuck, Angelique was a little unsteady most days, a little weepy, and sometimes just plain mad. The news that her mother was going to walk through the door, and that her mother thought she had anything to do with the baby gave Angelique a headache. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to get even with her mother. She imagined her mother drunk when she was raving about her baby having a baby.

After Cynthia Ann had told Angelique that her mother was headed that way, Angelique thought more and more about what she wanted to do. And by the time a car had pulled up in front of the old house, Angelique had convinced herself it was the only way to handle the situation. She had gone to the potting shed that seemed almost to be sinking in to the soft ground underneath it. She had taken the gun Cynthia Ann kept in the wooden drawer in the old roll-top desk in the corner where the pigeonholes were filled with feathers and dried bird hearts and crystals and wish-bones and some things she couldn’t name. She had seen Cynthia Ann slip the gun into her pocket one day as a big man on a motorcycle had spun into the driveway. He hadn’t seemed to like what she had said, but he had left peaceably enough, so that after a while, Cynthia Ann had returned the gun to the drawer and turned the key in the lock. But she had hid the key in one of the pigeonholes, so Angelique had known exactly where to look. She checked to see if the gun was loaded.

Angelique entered the house through the kitchen. She could hear Cynthia Ann’s voice coming from the living room. She saw the back of the head and shoulders of the woman sitting in the same armchair Angelique often sank into. The woman wore a baseball cap and had all of her hair tucked underneath the cap. Angelique could see she was wearing glasses. The woman was bent a little forward, listening to Cynthia Ann. Angelique aimed at the armchair and pulled the trigger twice. Screams and curses erupted from the living room. Angelique had not known two women had arrived at Cynthia Ann’s house, her mother and her Aunt Laura. Without the baseball cap, Angelique would have recognized the woman in the armchair as her Aunt Laura, not her mother. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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