Love Spells

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Angelique is about to find out what the readers already knew, that it is her mother who is coming to Florida to see her after more than five years.

Episode 8

“I think you’re just going to tell me this so I will quit thinking about Chuck. You think you can distract me, but I want you to find him. I want to go look for him. He’s part of me now,” Angelique said, patting her stomach.

“We all get that. And if I knew where the bastard was, I would go get him. I’ve spent way too much time hearing about Saint Chuck who would never leave you, and yet here you be. We talked about this. If somebody needs to disappear, maybe they do. But you might want to know who is going to walk through that door. Probably tomorrow, the way I see it.” Cynthia Ann said. She pointed to the front door with crossbeams in an X, a door of stripped wood that had originally come from a barn.

“In your crystal ball?”

“I told you about making fun of seeing. It was Louise. I told you. And I am calculating the time it will likely take your mother to hitchhike from the Nashville area.”

“I don’t have a mother.”

“Honey, you know much better than that. Everybody has a mother. Whether we raise our children or not. And besides, not to point out the obvious, but you’re about to be one.”

“My sister has a mother. I definitely do not. When they were going to arrest her and her stupid boyfriend for making meth, she took my sister with her and left me to be locked up.”

“Well I don’t know the rhyme or reason of what gets into people. Or why women do what they do. And just like Chuck, it sounds like your mother had to disappear in a hurry. But Louise says your mother called Ashley out of the blue and wanted to know where you were. When she heard you were pregnant she started moaning about her baby having a baby. She said she is coming to find you. Ashley told her where I live.”

Cynthia Ann was watching Angelique carefully, Angelique’s face a storm cloud of emotion. She hadn’t ever seen Angelique quite like this. And Angelique’s belly seemed to protrude even more than it had. At that moment, it occurred to Cynthia Ann that Angelique had no idea what was coming, mother or no mother.

“But you don’t know anything about that woman. She’s a drunk. She’ll go to bed with any man. She changed her name to Patsy so people would think she was related to Patsy Cline. I looked it up once and Patsy’s real name was Virginia and anyway, I don’t think she had any kids.”

“Nevertheless, you should probably see her if she shows up.”

Angelique shook her head, but didn’t say anything more. She pushed herself up out of the old deep cushioned armchair, went to the heavy front door, pulled it open, and left. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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