Contract of the Dark

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In the previous episode, Drekken, Aaron Fellmind’s twin brother, defeated L Strider despite his possession of the Nightmare Fuel power. After returning to the entity known as “Mother” and awaiting her orders, readers voted that she send Drekken to kill Rune and his own brother Aaron.

Episode 12

In the underground, below the surface of any structure of human design lies a nest of shadows. The tunnel drives down endlessly into the depths of oblivion, and is filled with the creatures that derive their strength from the very darkness that inhabits this place. Every inch of this secret place is filled with thousands of the glowing crimson eyes that swell with power. An army of karayans come as a collective group like a horde of insects. And like every legion of creatures that lurk under the earth, they have their queen.

A throne of blackened threads suspends their goddess over the infinite pit of darkness. The Mother of Karayans has a slender womanly form, skin of absolute darkness that radiates with darkness itself. Like her children, her eyes are a deep shade of crimson, but lack any sign of humanity in them. A gaze filled with malice, pupil slits of a sinister serpent look across her kingdom of the abyss.

“And the last falls,” she speaks to no one in particular, hissing behind a set of glowing fangs. “Such greedy little children they were. Though the first of my wonderful offspring, they were so rebellious. They accepted my offer and fled the moment the contract was sealed. Naughty children like that must be punished, and all of their children as well.”

Her eyes close, as if she is listening to someone, but no one in the nests raises a voice to her. Yet, she intently listens to silence.

“Drekken,” she says, smiling slightly, “Though he is your brother of flesh in blood, he is not your kin in darkness. The same goes for that girl, Rune.” She pauses again, listening to the voice of her child as he speaks somewhere miles away. “I am not heartless. They may have the chance to live. Give them the choice to accept. If they refuse…well…you know what must be done, my child.”


Even as the starts start to poke their way into the blackened sky, Rune and Aaron do not seem to worry about Strider missing from the townhouse they now call home. The two of them are wrapped up in a stack of homework given to them earlier by a handful of shrewd teachers. While the boy diligently works, focusing on the papers in front of him, the young girl is another story. Rune scratches her head, staring with a blank expression at the empty paper sitting in front of her. Sweat pours down her face, the veins on her head bulging from the strain of thinking. 

“This is stupid,” she says after twenty minutes of staring. “Why do I even have to learn this stuff?”

In her biter rage, she pulls an oversized Warhammer from her sleeve. Standing up on her chair, she prepares to smash the assignment into oblivion, along with the table and most of the kitchen. Luckily, Aaron manages to reason with the bullheaded girl, shocking her to her senses with a light pulsing wave.

After she sits down, slightly fried from the jolt, he scolds her, “Strider wants us to live normal lives. 

“I know that,” she says, folding her arms and pouting. “But since when did you listen to him? Normally you object to every command he gives us.”

Aaron shrugs, “I guess I grew up a bit after everything that happened in New York. Just…seeing Strider so upset over Gamma…I do not want to see him like that again.”

A creaking sound of the front door opening causes both of them to stop working on homework. Dropping everything where it is, the two of them race to the foyer, expecting to give L Strider a warm reception. But when they reach the door, they do not find the elder karayan standing there with a kind smile. Instead, they see a man that looks like a mirrored reflection to Aaron. Rune is dumbstruck by the sight of this doppelgänger, while Aaron only responds with a cold stare.

“Drekken,” he growls, glaring at his twin brother.

“So good to see my little brother,” Drekken smiles, his hands relaxing at his hips, “Though I suppose we are only a few seconds separated—.”

“What are you doing here?” Aaron snarls, not at all happy to see the other Fellmind.

“I have come here to give you a choice,” his brother says with a sly smile, “Dear Alpha has departed us, joining his brothers in the grave…”

“What!” Rune gasps. “It can’t be…”

“It is, sweet maiden,” he winks at her, but she only keeps her horrid stare. “And I am afraid I am responsible for the demise.”

Before Drekken has a chance to even realize what is happening, he is sent head first crashing through the front door. Aaron stands with his fist outstretched, still sparking with electricity. His eyes flare with fury, teeth clenched so tightly that his gums bleed. That same enraged gaze turns to Rune, making her flinch in fright.

“A-Aron,” she whispers, worried that her friend has snapped. 

“Get out of here,” he says to her, his anger is still bubbling. “Run!”

“But,” she quakes, too frightened to move.

“Go,” he screams, “I said go!”

Finally she realizes that there is a great deal of fear in his voice. Understanding his plea, she turns to escape out the backdoor, but stops at the first step. Her body appears frozen in time, but twitches ever so slightly, as if her muscles struggle to move. Aaron knows what is happening, but is too late to stop it. His body also becomes frozen, refusing to do what his mind orders. With little control he has, he manages to adjust his gaze back to the front door.

Drekken is back on his feet after the brutal punch from his brother. His jaw hangs loosely, shattered by the force of the blow. However, bit by bit, the bones reorganize and set back in place, his body healing as it did against Strider. Once it finishes, he rubs his chin, feeling sore from the attack.

“I always had to admit you had quite the right hook,” he says, smiling as if nothing had happened. “Even when we were humans you were always stronger than me…but no more. Mother has ensured that.”

 Under the control of his puppet master powers, Rune and Aaron are helpless to stop him. He maneuvers the imaginary strings, forcing them to hang in front of him like marionettes. A devious sneer creeps across his face, as the thin razor wire intertwines between his fingers.

“Well now that I have your attention,” Drekken says in a stern, clear voice, “I will ask you this. Come with me to be cleansed by Mother, or die a quick and painful death.”  Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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