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In the last episode, Angelique asked Cynthia Ann, a spell caster, to cast revenge spells on the people who were responsible for locking her up, but Cynthia Ann would not agree. According to readers’ votes, Cynthia Ann did agree, though, to try to help Angelique find Chuck, the missing boyfriend.

Episode 6

By this time the sun was all the way down. Cynthia Ann and Angelique had left the garden and gone inside the cottage. Cynthia Ann had set out bread and vegetable soup for them at the table, and when they sat down, Angelique began again. “You know Chuck doesn’t even know about this.” She patted her belly.

“I suspect he has had other things on his mind.”

“But I want him to know it’s going to be a boy. He’s never had a boy or any other kid.”

“Do you remember what I said in the garden, that I might could find out a few things about him, but it is highly unlikely that anything I find out will produce this boy in the flesh.”

“He’s not a boy. He’s a lot older than me. He’s almost thirty.”

“Old enough to know how not to get in trouble, in my book.”

“He didn’t mean to. I know he meant to come back for me.”

“Be that as it may, meaning and doing are two different things. You ought to know that by now.”

“So when will you start?”

“Start trying to find out?”

“You know that’s what I am asking.”

“Well the first thing is for you to tell me what you know about him.”

“Like what?”

“Where is he from? Who are his people? Who would know where he went to hide, if that’s what he’s doing?”

“He’s not hiding. I know he’s not hiding. Somebody has him.”

“If that’s the case, we don’t have much to say about when or if he will resurface, do we?”

“I want you to help me look for him.”

“Under a rock? You need to tell me something about him. When is his birthday? Where was he born? Where are his people?”

“I don’t know any of that.”

“Well what do you know?’

“I know he lives in the woods not far from the lake. I know he’s sexy.” Angelique smiled. “He grows plants for a living. He brings them to Florida because people know a quality product here.”

“Oh, hogwash. Somebody just pays him better here. Which leads to the question, ‘What happened to Chuck?’ What do you think happened?”

“I know he was going to come back, so I think something happened with the deal.”

“And? Who was the deal with?”

“How should I know?”

“Another blank. How am I supposed to operate on all blanks? It’s like making a word with all blank tiles. What do you think are the possibilities? The deal went bad and he was arrested. The deal went bad and he was shot for the product so they wouldn’t have to pay him. The deal went bad and he was shot and they killed him.”

Angelique had begun to tear up. Then tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Cynthia sighed and got up from the table. She returned with a handkerchief embroidered with a large C and violets. She handed it to Angelique.

“I keep forgetting about pregnant ladies. So much emotion! Overflowing like a waterfall.”

“What am I supposed to do,” she wailed. “You just told me he’s probly dead.”

“If we are going to do this, we have to be realistic about the situation and how to go about looking. The man was selling drugs. He disappeared. He left his expensive truck. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since. That he’s dead, it’s a possibility. And I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.”

“I had a dream,” Angelique sniffled. “In the dream, he had his gun and he was alive.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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