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Angelique decided in the previous episode to try to take advantage of Cynthia Ann’s powers by asking that she cast a revenge spell on her father, her social worker, and the judge who decided where she would live. This week, readers agree with Cynthia Ann that this is not the way to make things right.

Episode 5

“But why?” Angelique asked again. “I heard people say voodoo really works. Isn’t it my turn in the world, like you said for something to favor me?” The sun was beginning to go down behind her in the garden and Cynthia Ann’s basket was nearly filled with herbs.

“Child, you don’t have any idea what you think you are messing with here. “

“Well, why do you do it for other people and you won’t do it for me? What was it you were doing for that man who was here yesterday? You were giving him a spell. I saw you taking part of a butterfly wing and other stuff. Saying some things over at the altar.”

“That was not about revenge. That man is preparing to meet his Maker.”

“What do you mean, he’s dying?”

“Yes, he’s dying of leukemia. Doesn’t have long to live. He is trying to make right something that happened a long time ago.”

“Who did he kill?”

“Child, you been watching too much television. Not every bad thing in the world is a murder.”

“But it was bad.”

“He is trying to atone and I am trying to support his intentions. The last thing he wants is revenge. And I won’t be part of your plan for revenge. You would be messing with my karma too.”

“It’s my story, not yours. What goes around comes around. You told me that.”

“Karma is not a boomerang. And it will be my problem if I try to intervene. I agree you got a raw deal. You deserved better. So do a lot of people. But if you are going to carry that grief around with you all of your life, no spell is going to help you. Here you are, a child having a child. Now that’s a whole other story. But what do you think you would be teaching him? Revenge. Guns. Spells. Is that how you want him to grow up behaving?”

The sun was almost all the way down. Angelique trailed along behind Cynthia Ann as she made the turn towards the house. Then, she pulled on the loose sleeve of Cynthia Ann’s blouse and asked, “Well if you won’t do a revenge spell, will you at least help me find Chuck? I know you help find people. I saw you talking about that woman who is missing.”

“She isn’t missing, like missing to the police. She probably doesn’t want to be found by some people. She has her reasons, as does the person who wants to find her. And none of that is your business.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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