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Angelique decided in the previous episode to try and take advantage of Cynthia Ann’s powers by asking that she cast a revenge spell on her father, her social worker, and the judge who decided where she would live.

Episode 4

Here was the perfect opportunity to get even. Angelique decided to ask Cynthia Ann about spells to get even with her father, her social worker, and the judge who had sent her away. Cynthia Ann was in the garden clipping pieces of herbs and putting them in separate plastic bags. Aware that Cynthia Ann could be prickly about some things, Angelique decided to soften her up and then work her way around to the question of spells. She trailed behind Cynthia Ann as she moved slowly down the narrow path between the plants.

“So what do they call you, like Lovely Louise has the name she advertises?

“I don’t advertise. No need. People looking for me know where to find me. That Lovely Louise crap came from her mother and her mother’s mother. They all cast lollypop spells. No wonder Ashley doesn’t want to be one. All those people mooning around. In love. Not a speck of sense about any of them.”

“So what do they call you? Your customers?”

“Cynthia Ann. What do you think? Or Crazy Cynthia Ann, I hear that a lot. People think I do voodoo spells because I moved here from Louisiana. And they think I’m crazy ’cause I live out here in the marsh and I grow twenty-seven kinds of catmint. Comes in handier than you might think.”

“How come you don’t do internet spells?”

“Those are for suckers! Rip off their money. Can’t even look them in the eye.”

Angelique was running out of questions, but she tried again. “Well, how did you come here?”

“My mother left; followed a handsome man to Louisiana. That’s where I grew up. Came to Florida after my children grew up. I was looking for a little piece of land for growing herbs and things and this place felt right, as soon as I happened upon it. What is it you want, Angelique? I know you’re leading up to something and I got work to do.”

“I want to get even with the people who locked me up,” Angelique blurted out.

“And who might those be?”

“Well, you know about my drunk father. And then the Old Bag. She was the social worker assigned to me and she made my life hell. And the judge. He was the one who decided where I would go. I know how to shoot and I was going to get a gun and go after them when I get back up north. But I think the spells would work quicker.”

“So how will a spell help you get even?”

“I want them to feel as bad as I did. They have it coming. Just tell me how it works, a spell.”

“Chicklet, you have no idea what you’re messing with here. Or any idea about how the world works. Not your fault. You didn’t have much of an upbringing. But I’m not who you think I am. I don’t wreck havoc on people. No justice raining down on the universe. The last thing I care about is revenge. That would be bad karma.”

“Then why do people say that about you?”

“People come here thinking I can correct injustice or just create chaos. But most of what I do is the same as a psychologist. First I tell them the world isn’t fair. Then, I ask them the same question I just asked you, ‘So how will it help you to get even?’ Mostly I just get them to talk and then I talk them out of what they think they want.”

“But they come here for spells. I’ve seen you at the altar chanting.”

“Sometimes I support their intentions toward better karma. And once in a while, if I know for sure something really bad has happened to somebody, I might do something about it.”

“Well something really bad happened to me. I got locked up.”

“Okay, say you were the judge for your case. What did he say?”

“He said I would be locked up. And my father and mother would pay some money every month while I was there.”

“What else did he say?”

“He said I didn’t get along with my father.”

“And what else?”

Angelique hesitated and sighed. “He said he felt bad there wasn’t any place else for me to go where I would be looked after. I didn’t have a foster family anymore.”

“Don’t you think he feels bad every single day when he has to tell a child that? Don’t you think he is punished enough by the job he has to do?”

“Now you’re just twisting this around. He got to go home every night. I didn’t.”

“So let’s say you go and you shoot the judge. What will happen to that youngin?” Cynthia Ann has turned to face Angelique and is pointing at her belly.

“That’s why I want you to do it. The spell. That way I won’t go to jail.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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