Love Spells

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In the previous episode, Angelique decided to stay with Cynthia Ann to have the baby.

Episode 3

After they had settled down to a meal of chicken soup and a dark kind of bread that Angelique had never seen before, Angelique asked, “What kind of spells are you good at?” The conversation about spells had started earlier with the chicken necks that Cynthia Ann had put into the soup. Angelique had noticed that Cynthia Ann first used them for something on the altar. Before Cynthia Ann had started cooking, Angelique had heard her chanting in a low voice, so low Angelique couldn’t pick out any of the words. Or maybe the words were from another language. After the chanted syllables had faded, Angelique had asked her about the spell, but Cynthia Ann had turned around when she saw Angelique and had said “Now you nevermind what goes on in here.”

While she buttered a slice of bread, Angelique continued, “Lovely Louise only casts love spells. I asked her to cast one for me and Chuck, but it didn’t work out.”

“Generally, spells put intentions out into the universe, but there are some things that aren’t easy to overcome. Karma, for one. I can’t bring Chuck back to you either so don’t ask. Don’t know that I would if I could. Don’t know much about him except the missing-in-action part.”

“If I told you about him, you would like him.”

“What I don’t like is him putting you at risk. I wouldn’t want somebody doing that to my child.”

“He told me that it always works out, that he never has any problems.”

“Except this time he did.”

“I know he meant to come back. His truck was still there.”

“Not the point.”

“Well he didn’t know about the baby then.”

“No, I guess not.”

“So if you can’t make Chuck come back, what kind of things can you do? You’ve got some weird-looking people for customers.”

“Not really any of your business, but my people aren’t looking for love, if that’s what you mean. Not everybody’s a basket case over some man.”

“So what do they come to you for?”

“Things different than what Louise does.”

“Like helping people get even? I heard one of them say you are the goddess of revenge.”


“I think what I do doesn’t much concern you.”

“It is revenge, isn’t it? Is that why you have the gun?”

“Lady, you better not be having any ideas about stealing my truck again or messing with my gun. Are we clear about that?”

Angelique nodded. “How come you and Louise cast different spells?”

“We have the same grandmother, but different mothers. Louise is my cousin. That makes Ashley a second cousin. Louise and I are different people. We use the gift in different ways. Always have.”

“That one man. With his hat pulled down over his head. He looked mad. What did he want you to do?’

“Let’s put it this way. If you were writing a story about what Louise does, you would put hers in the romance novel category. Happy, happy! Stop the divorce. Bring the philandering husband back home. Get the high school sweetheart from years ago to come back and propose. Who cares? My stories are from a darker place.”

Angelique could feel her stomach fluttering. There were people on her list. People she wanted to get even with, even though lately she had given more thought to the baby than to revenge. Here was the perfect opportunity. She decided to ask Cynthia Ann about a spell to get even with . . . Vote below on what will happen next or if viewing from email, click Take our Poll.

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